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5 Best Manual Wheelchairs from Gilani Engineering in 2022

Lightweight manual push wheelchair Heavy duty lightweight manual wheelchair with attendant brakes best manual wheelchair

5 Best Manual Wheelchairs from Gilani Engineering in 2022

A manual wheelchair is one of the best products that can help people with disabilities move around and fulfil their daily tasks. But with so many different manual wheel chairs, it can be very difficult to narrow down which is the ideal option for you. That’s why it’s important to know which are the best manual wheelchairs, so you can have great results and an amazing experience every time.

1. Multi Adjustable Lightweight Manual Push wheelchair Folding with anti flat wheels- COMPLETE-PUSHCHAIR  https://www.gilaniengineering.com.au/product/lightweight-manual-push-wheelchair/ 

This Gilani Engineering wheelchair is the most adjustable wheelchair there is. The COMPLETE wheelchair comes with so many unique features making it one of the best manual wheelchairs!

  • The angle of the foot plate is adjustable- These footplates can be removed and also they can be angle adjusted which helps suit your posture needs
  •  Removable swing away leg rests- These removable footrests are used to make folding away your wheelchair easier and more compact.
  • Removable Wheels- Removable wheels make the wheelchair lighter and more compact which help you store it away and for travelling.
  • Super Powerful Drum Brakes-  Lightweight manual wheel chair with removable wheels
  • Adjustable Height Front Fort Wheels- Adjustable height front fork wheels are used to adjust the height of the seat from the floor.
  • Flip Up and Removable Arm Rests- Flip up arm supports help with accessing the wheelchair from the side or even if you want to sit at a table
  • Height Adjustable Armrest Height- Super heavy duty fully adaptable manual wheelchair with adjustable armrest height for taller or shorter people
  • Adjustable Anti Tipping Wheel Height- These adjustable anti tipping wheels let you choose how close or far off the ground you want the wheels to be.
  • Attendant Handbrakes- Attendant handbrakes are used for carers to assist the user in controlling and guiding the wheelchair.
  • Anti Flat Wheels- Unique Manual wheelchair with anti flat safety wheels
Lightweight manual push wheelchair Heavy duty lightweight manual wheelchair with attendant brakes
Heavy duty lightweight manual wheelchair with attendant brakes

2. Fully Adaptable Foldable Manual Wheelchair With Adjustable Leg Support – ADAPTABLE-WHEELCHAIR  https://www.gilaniengineering.com.au/product/heavy-duty-foldable-manual-wheelchair-with-adjustable-leg-support-gilani-engineering/

With this product, Gilani Engineering has provided one of the best manual wheelchair on the market. It’s the most customisable manual wheelchair on the market and also foldable. This product also has complete Australian warranty, it’s approved by the NDIS providers and it also comes with a lightweight aluminum frame. On top of that, it has a travel-friendly design and it’s fully compact and portable too. And yes, its aluminum frame truly makes it one of the better options on the market if you want a dependable and very high quality wheelchair that you can use whenever you need it. This is one of the top pushchairs and wheelchairs Sydney that you can find right now on the market, and one of those items you do not want to miss.

ADAPTABLE Manual Wheelchair with adjustable and removable leg rests
The Adaptable manual wheelchair is fully customisable and has tilting leg rests which can be removed

3. Light Manual Compact Aluminium Wheelchair with Foldable Backrest and Attendant Handbrakes-FREEWHEELS  https://www.gilaniengineering.com.au/product/light-and-compact-aluminium-wheelchair-with-foldable-backrest-gilani-engineering/

This Compact Aluminium Wheelchair is an amazing self propelling manual wheelchair. Whilst regular Manual Wheelchairs range between 12 – 16 Kgs the FREEWHEELS Compact Aluminium Wheelchair weighs only 10Kgs and has a maximum weight capacity of 100 Kgs. The lightweight and foldable compact design makes it easy for travel and storage. This wheelchair is made out of Aluminium making it durable and long lasting. The Light Manual Compact Aluminium Wheelchair has attendant handles as well as attendant handbrakes meaning the wheelchair user can have another person assisting them in controlling and pushing the wheelchair if the user is unable to do this themselves. It is also super affordable making it one of the most popular best manual wheelchairs!

Compact Aluminium wheelchair Gilani Engineering foldable Manual Wheelchairs Australia
We are registered NDIS providers and supply foldable electric and manual wheelchairs

4. Designed leisure manual wheelchair lightweight foldable Aluminium Alloy-INVENTWHEELS  https://www.gilaniengineering.com.au/product/designed-leisure-manual-wheelchair/ 

This is the Designed Leisure Manual Wheelchair new and improved design by us. It is a very light manual wheelchair coming at only 10.8 Kgs which can easily assist the user in most everyday activities and errands. These include going to the shops, doctors, clubs, school, work and many more.This foldable leisure wheelchair can also be used for leisurely activities such as going to the park, going on a picnic, visiting family or going shopping with friends. This designed leisure manual wheelchair is made out of a Durable Aluminium Alloy Metal and is installed with Anti Tipping wheels for extra safety precautions. This self propelled pushchair is also equipped with a seatbelt for additional user safety making it the safest best manual wheelchair!

Lightweight pushchair with extra storage and anti tipping wheels
Lightweight Electric Wheelchair Sydney
Mobility Equipment Hire Sydney
Mobility Equipment Sydney

5. Transit Chair Manual Foldable With Carry Bag, Lightest Chair On The Market for Sale  https://www.gilaniengineering.com.au/product/lightweight-folding-aluminium-wheelchair-gedy019001-by-gilani-engineering/

The Lightweight Transit Wheelchair is a great alternate if you find a regular wheelchair too heavy or bulky. This is another super light chair only weighing 7.2 KGs. It requires a second person to assist you in mobility and it provides comfort for both the user as well for the attendant. The Transport wheelchair also has a very compact built which makes is very easy to fold away into small cars for travelling and getting around as well as for storage. The Aluminium is a very good material and makes the transit wheelchair durable and long lasting. It also includes a flip up footrest function and armrests that can be lifted to make it easier for the user to get into and out of the wheelchair easily and comfortably. This transit wheelchair includes a travel bag and attendant handbrakes making it the best manual wheelchair transit chair!

Foldable manual transit wheelchair Australia
Gilani Engineering’s foldable manual transit wheelchair is the lightest mobility chair in Australia!

As you can see, finding the best lightweight wheelchair Australia will take a bit of a trial and error, you just have to narrow down the right product that works for you. The manual wheelchair from Gilani Engineering is not only very reliable, it’s affordable and dependable, not to mention well worth your time. Give it a try for yourself and you will be incredibly happy with the results and experience!

Contact us the Registered NDIS Disability Equipment providers through email or phone for any other enquiries or a free quote today!

Frequently Asked Questions from the best manual wheelchairs

1-How do I choose the best manual wheelchair?

Choosing one wheelchair or another will depend on three very personal factors: adequacy for the user, for the use, and for the surroundings. Generally, all manual wheelchairs are configurable in terms of the size and position of the seat and back, and have adjustable and detachable armrests and footrests. All the electric and manual wheelchairs here meet the Australian Standard sizes. This is to ensure your easy and safe departure of a building in case of an emergency. 

2- When might a person use a foldable manual wheelchair?

Foldable Manual Wheelchairs are designed for people who are unable to walk at all or only able to walk very short distances. They allow people to remain independent in their own home, nursing home or retirement village and to access the local community. They come in two standard configurations: self-propel or transit.

3- Can you push a self propelled wheelchair?

Yes! The Light Manual Compact Aluminium Wheelchair has attendant handles as well as attendant handbrakes. This means that the wheelchair user can have another person assisting them in controlling and pushing the wheelchair if the user is unable to do this themselves.

4- Can you get a prescription for the best manual wheelchair?

Yes, you can get a wheelchair prescription. A doctor or allied health professional such as an occupational therapist can make the prescription to specify what dimensions and what size they need. Contact us by phone or email us the OT report and we can organise a quote for your custom made best manual wheelchair.

5 -Can a transport chair be used as a wheelchair?

Transport chairs are used to move people around who cannot propel themselves using a standard wheelchair. A second person is required for mobility. For those who find a regular wheelchair too big or heavy to move around, transport wheelchairs are a great alternative.