The 5 reasons you should to hire a wheelchair before purchase

Hire a wheelchair TGA Certified heavy duty compact foldable electric wheelchair lightweight chair

The five reasons you should hire a wheelchair before purchase

Are you wondering why you should hire a wheelchair before buying?

Well, you have come to the right place as Gilani Engineering’s multidisciplinary team of highly specialised allied health professionals, and engineers are experts in mobility and love to help our clients choose the right hire to buy the program to reach their truly deserved freedom and independence!

As NDIS registered providers for hire equipment in Sydney, we understand that purchasing the best mobility equipment for you is a challenging feat! There are numerous factors to consider before deciding to commit to a wheelchair, including:

  1. Comfortability – Comfort is a highly subjective opinion; even if you know the exact details of the material, all materials can differ slightly, which may impact the overall comfort of the wheelchair. Gilani Engineering has various cushion options, along with our electric wheelchairs and multiple covers. Changing the surface or contour of two cushions with the same filling may change the comfort. That is why we always recommend you to trial a wheelchair before buying.
  2. Fit and Size to the person- Fit and size are essential factors in choosing the perfect wheelchair for you. This is to ensure you sit in the correct posture when in the wheelchair and are appropriately supported. If the wheelchair is too large, you will move around; however, if the wheelchair seat is too tight, you will feel uncomfortable and may even risk developing pressure injuries if you cannot move around.
  3. Weight capacity and weight of the wheelchair – Heavier individuals require wheelchairs with a higher weight capacity and more room, such as the bariatric air hawk or falcon lightweight folding electric wheelchair. You can hire a wheelchair such as the lightweight folding electric wheelchair in the bariatric version known as the Air hawk or Falcon by contacting our staff on 02 8740 8963.
  4. Suitability to home environment – Depending on the size of the available access in your home, different-sized wheelchairs are suitable.
  5. Ease of use and whether it fits in the car – Depending on how large your car boot is, you may need to consider whether the wheelchair you are buying fits into the boot and whether it can fold.

Number 1 reason why you should always hire a wheelchair before buying

The number 1 reason why you should hire to buy an electric wheelchair is to save on costs. When hiring a wheelchair from Gilani Engineering, you can trial mobility equipment in your home environment for 14 days and choose to either have it picked up from your own home or purchase it after.

Why is the hire-to-buy program the best available in Sydney?

A hire-to-buy program is an excellent option for people who want to hire equipment in Sydney before buying it. The best news is that you can choose to trial mobility equipment, and if you decide to keep the product at the end of the trial period, most of the hire fees will get deducted, saving you many costs! Our electric wheelchairs for hire are brand new and come to you in the box, meaning that they are exactly like the real thing!

How much does it cost to hire products from Gilani Engineering?

The hire fees at Gilani Engineering are the lowest in Sydney at just 0.06% of the original price per day!

The other fees included are:

  • Admin fee of $99
  • Once-off disinfection/cleaning fee of $99
  • Delivery fee if you choose to, rates depend on delivery location and weight of the product
  • Pick-up fee if you choose to have us pick it up depends on the location and weight of the product

This means that if you were to trial an electric wheelchair such as the Air Hawk to a location in Brisbane city, a breakdown of the 14-day hire would be as follows:

Admin fee – $99

Cleaning fee – $99

Delivery fee – $99

Pick-up fee – $99

Hire Fee – 0.06% x (original price) 2890 x 14 days = 242.76

= $638.76

Now, what happens if you decide to keep the Air Hawk?

So at the moment, the Air Hawk is on sale for $2390

and since you have paid $638.76

the Hire fee, cleaning fee and pick-up fee are refundable, meaning

Now you have to pay $1949.24 to keep your brand new Air Hawk!

Do we accept NDIS funding?

Yes! As your trusted NDIS registered providers for mobility equipment, we certainly accept NDIS funding for your hire. Contact our team at or call us on 02 8740 8963 with your NDIS number, Full name and Date of birth to have a wheelchair hire organised for you immediately.