Are Swivel Car Seats Legal in Australia

C400 Auto Swivel Seat

A swivel car seat has become the next big thing while considering convenience and enhancing accessibility, especially for the disabled and elderly. The way these seats swivel makes it easier to get in and out of their car with less strain, offering a safer alternative for people with disabilities or reduced mobility. But a question remains unanswered: are swivel car seats legal in Australia? In this blog, we will look into the legality of swivel car seats in Australia and introduce some of the high-quality products available at Gilani Engineering that meet these regulations.

Understanding the Legality

When seeking the best method to install swivel car seats, it is essential to understand what is expected regarding the law in Australia. The Australian Design Rules(ADR) and the Vehicle Standards Bulletin(VSB) are the two controlling bodies that direct the way vehicle modifications should be conducted concerning safety and performance levels. These regulations should be observed by swivel car seats so that a car can be considered legal and safe.

Key Legal Requirements

1. Compliance with ADRs 

Regarding anchorage, strength, and occupant protection, the swivel must comply with the relevant ADRs. This ensures that the seat poses no danger to the vehicle’s occupants.

2. Professional Installation 

For safety reasons, swivel car seats should be professionally installed. In this case, proper installation will be made and, therefore, any potential risk is eliminated.

3. Certification 

Once the system is installed, it is necessary to have the product certified by a recognized inspector. The certification verifies that the swivel car seat meets at least the minimum legal and safety requirements.

4. Insurance Considerations 

Your insurance provider has to be aware of the modification. Otherwise, the insurance would be considered void if and when an accident occurs.

For more detailed information on vehicle modifications and compliance, you can visit the official Australian Government Vehicle Standards website.

Benefits of Swivel Car Seats

Swivel car seats offer numerous benefits, making them an attractive option for many individuals. Some of the key advantages include:

Improved Accessibility 

Swivel car seats make it easier for individuals with limited mobility to enter and exit the vehicle.

Enhanced Safety

Reduces the risk of falls and injuries associated with getting in and out of the car.


Provides a more comfortable and stress-free experience for both drivers and passengers.

High-Quality Swivel Car Seats from Gilani Engineering

At Gilani Engineering, we offer a range of high-quality swivel car seats that comply with Australian regulations, ensuring both safety and comfort. Here are some of our top products:

Product NameDescriptionBenefits
C400 Auto Swivel SeatAutomatic swivel seat, Easy to control, Suitable for various vehicle types, ADR compliantEnhanced accessibility, Simple operation, Compatible with multiple vehicles
Swivel Base for SeatLightweight swivel base, Easy exit mechanism, Durable construction, ADR compliantEasy vehicle exit, Lightweight design, Durable and reliable
Swivel SeatManual swivel seat, Comfortable seating, Smooth rotation, ADR compliantComfortable and smooth operation, Ideal for various users, ADR compliant

Installation of Swivel Car Seats

At Gilani Engineering, we not only provide high-quality swivel car seats but also offer professional installation services to ensure your seat meets all legal and safety requirements. 

Our team of qualified technicians will handle the installation process, ensuring it is carried out to the highest standards. Additionally, we provide ongoing support and maintenance services to keep your swivel car seat in optimal condition.


Swivel car seats, or rotating car seats, are legal in Australia, provided they meet the relevant Australian Design Rules requirements and are fitted by qualified professionals. 

At Gilani Engineering, we have a range of ADR-compliant swivel car seats to help with accessibility and safety for people with restricted mobility. Whether you are looking for a powered option like the automatic or a manual solution, we have the perfect product to meet your needs. 

Visit Gilani Engineering and check out our full range of products and services.

Make your vehicle more accessible with a swivel car seat for enhanced safety and comfort on the road.


1. Are swivel car seats as safe?

Yes, swivel car seats are safe when they comply with Australian Design Rules and are professionally installed.

2. Can you use rotating car seats in Australia?

Yes, rotating car seats are legal in Australia if they meet the relevant safety standards and are installed by qualified professionals.

3. Can you put a swivel seat in a car?

Yes, you can put a swivel seat in a car, but it must be installed by a professional to ensure it complies with safety regulations.

4. What car seats can rotate?

Swivel car seats like the Automatic and Manual ones are designed to rotate and comply with Australian safety standards.