Our promise to you to deliver the best disability vehicle modifications in Sydney!

What is Our promise to you?

             To deliver the best disability vehicle modifications in Sydney.

Are you wondering what the best disability vehicle modification in Sydney?

Well, you have come to the right place!

Gilani Engineering have a team of highly experienced automotive engineers looking after disability vehicle modifications all over Australia.

Our experts are always finding new and innovative ways to make custom made solutions for you.

As Australia's number 1 NDIS registered providers in the industry of disability vehicle modifications

Gilani Engineering prides itself for being Australian Champion Finalists for the local business awards.

Over ring accelerator vehicle modification

Disability vehicle modifications such as the over ring accelerator is ideal for individuals with limited lower limb ability

What makes us stand out from the rest?

Disability Vehicle Modifications Lodgesons Lollipop grip steering aide

Lodgesons lollipop grip is an ideal disability vehicle modification for individuals with upper limb mobility

1. Multidisciplinary Team

Gilani Engineering have a team of allied health professionals and Engineers that work together to develop the best suited disability vehicle modifications for your car. Our allied health professionals work collaborate with our engineers to develop unique and innovative custom made solutions for you. We are not sales people, we are professionals that take pride in our work to ensure that the vehicle you have is suited to your needs and to ensure that your vehicle can function effectively over a lifetime.

2. We are experts in our field and have qualified and RMS certified engineers 

You can be rest assured that an RMS certified engineer is overlooking all projects that come to Gilani Engineering. Our production team consists of qualified mechanics, automotive and mechanical engineers to ensure the work conducted on your vehicle is at the highest standard. Better yet, once you leave our workshop you have the peace of mind that your vehicle is RMS certified and in an event of an accident, you are covered.

3. We work with any brand of your choice.

We are exclusive installers for a wide variety of brands from across the world. However, if there is a specific product you want us to install just let us know and we are happy to install it for you. Our team of engineers are qualified to install all types of vehicle modifications and thus are the chosen disability vehicle modifications NSW.

4. We have the largest range of customer incentives 

Some of the programs we offer are interest free finance, NDIS funding, Aged Care Packages or different payment options.

5. We do all Disability Car Conversions! 

Gilani Engineering are experts in installing the latest hand controls, thumb controls, left foot accelerators, Boot hoist installations, stowage solutions, patient transfer and much more! Here are the categories that we do.

      1. Transfer solutions:
Turny Evo Programmable Swivel Seat - Mobility Engineering and Gilani Engineering

Turny Evo Programmable Swivel Seat - Mobility Engineering and Gilani Engineering

These disability vehicle modifications help you get in and out of the car and can range from simple step board installations to turny evo seat installations or handylift installations.

      2. Boot Hoist and Stowage:

These modifications help you stow your wheelchair onto your vehicle. They include roof toppers or boot hoists to help you take your wheelchair out and about.

Boot Hoist Wheelchair Lift

Boot Hoist Wheelchair Lift

Chair Topper Roof Topper NDIS Vehicle Modifications at Gilani Engineering Freedom Motors

Chair Topper Roof Topper At Gilani Engineering

      3. Wheelchair Access:
Hydraulic wheelchair Accessible wheelchair taxi GILANI ENGINEERING

Hydraulic Accessible Wheelchair Lift hoist for vehicle GILANI ENGINEERING

Wheelchair access solutions are all in the name! They help you access your vehicle if you use a wheelchair. This type of vehicle modification is intended for people that want to stay in their wheelchair but would like to sit in their vehicle.


      4. Driving solutions:
Lodgesons mini keypad

Lodgesons mini keypad is an access solution allowing you to operate 13 different functions in just one tiny product!

Gilani Engineering are specialist disability driving solution experts and are able to find a solution to any of your accessibility needs. We are NDIS providers and can use your funding to achieve the goals you need the most! Driving solutions include modified joy sticks, hand controls, over ring or under ring accelerators or even push or pull brakes!




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