Discovering the Best Holidays for Wheelchair Users

Best Holidays for Wheelchair Users

The thought of wheelchair users going for holidays or seeing the world was a far-fetched idea before. Fortunately, this isn’t the case anymore as the travel and tourism industry is now more accessible and inclusive than ever.

The industry also saw how there is a market in planning holidays for wheelchair users and how this could be a way for the tourism sector to be considerate and non-discriminatory to travellers despite their abilities. 

What makes a destination inclusive?

To truly have the best holidays for wheelchair users, the destination must be inclusive and accessible. 

Accessible accommodations

When planning a wheelchair-friendly holiday, booking your stay at an accessible accommodation is important since you would need to rest in an accommodation that has wheelchair ramp gradient installed over the place, spacious rooms and wide doorways, smooth pathways, and adapted bathrooms. 

To look for holiday accommodation for wheelchair users, travel websites and mobile apps have filters that you can use to suggest accommodations that specialise in wheelchair user travellers. 

Discovering the Best Holidays for Wheelchair Users
Discovering the Best Holidays for Wheelchair Users 1

Accessible transportation services

Similarly, an inclusive destination must also have accessible transportation services. Fortunately, most tourist destinations have accessible public vehicles to accommodate the diverse needs of tourists that visit their countries yearly. 

Accessible places of interest

One of the reasons we want to travel is because there are several places of interests that we want to see and experience in real life. Booking a holiday in a destination that offers accessible places of interest will make the trip more worthwhile since you spent it visiting a lot of cultural attractions, architectural wonders and outdoor sceneries. 

Wheelchair-friendly destinations in Europe

Many destinations in Europe are accessible and manual and electric wheelchair users love travelling across Europe because of its scenic destinations for travellers of all abilities.


A favourite destination among travellers, Germany is also favoured by wheelchair users because of the accessibility of all of its regions. Under the accreditation system for accessible tourist sites, the “Tourism for All” initiative offers tourists information about the accessibility of tourist sites. 

Best Holidays for Wheelchair Users
Discovering the Best Holidays for Wheelchair Users 2


The Netherlands boasts accessible accommodations and most of its tourist attractions are wheelchair friendly and with adaptive toilet facilities. Tickets to museums and other places of interest are also discounted not just for wheelchair users but also for their caregivers.

Wheelchair-friendly destination in Asia


For travellers who want to immerse in Asian culture, Japan, particularly Tokyo, is an accessible city although renovations to some older historic sites to be more accessible is impossible. Still, modern and newer tourist attractions are wheelchair-friendly and wheelchair users will not run out of accessible places to visit not only in Tokyo but in other prefectures.

Wheelchair-friendly destination in North America


Numerous tourist destinations in Canada are wheelchair friendly. Wheelchair users will also have several options about accessible accommodations since there are hostels, resorts and hotels that are wheelchair friendly. Provinces and cities in Canada also offer numerous accessible attractions and activities.

Best Holidays for Wheelchair Users
Discovering the Best Holidays for Wheelchair Users 3

Local travel

Australia is also known for its accessibility, particularly its accessible beaches in Western Australia, South Australia, Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales. Australia’s museums, parks, galleries and other attractions are also accessible for wheelchair users. There are also mobility aids specialist company suppliers like Gilani Engineering across Australia which offer assistance to individuals in need of mobility products.


How can I make my holidays more accessible?

To make your holidays more accessible, you need to prepare beforehand by researching thoroughly about wheelchair-friendly airlines, and accessible destinations.

Which country is best to visit in a wheelchair?

Most countries have various initiatives in place to be wheelchair-friendly. But there are countries who are leading in making sure they are inclusive and accessible, not only for those with limited mobility but also for those with invisible disabilities. These countries are:

  • Germany
  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Japan

What is disability premium?

A disability premium is insurance for those with a disability. Premiums vary according to the insured’s age, location, work and company but are generally between 0.5 – 0.8% of the insured’s salary.

What is a disabled friendly country?

A disabled friendly country is a country that is accessible for those who need wheelchairs for mobility, those with visual or hearing impairments and other disabilities. 

Can you travel internationally with a wheelchair?

Yes. It’s possible to travel internationally with a wheelchair since most airlines have guidelines in place on how to accommodate wheelchair users and their mobility products when they travel. The airlines and airports in these accessible destinations often have wheelchair-friendly pathways, wide doorways that fit how wide is a wheelchair is and accessible toilets.

What state is the most wheelchair friendly?

The US state that is the most wheelchair friendly according to several polls is Washington State. This state does not only have an accessible transportation system, but most of its tourist attractions are also wheelchair friendly.

What is the most wheelchair accessible city in Europe?

The most accessible city in Europe in 2024 according to Conde Nast Traveller is London, UK with 50% of restaurants and 30% of places of interest to be accessible.

How to book wheelchair for international flights?

Booking a wheelchair for international flights varies depending on the airline you will be flying with. To make sure your need for a wheelchair is accommodated, reach out to the airline or book your flight with an airline known for being disability-friendly and availing of accessible services such as Singapore Airlines wheelchair assistance option.

How wheelchair accessible is Bali?

Discovering the Best Holidays for Wheelchair Users
Disabled alone young man sitting in a wheelchair and looks at the sea.

Bali is not as accessible as other popular tourist destinations but the island is already making improvements to be more inclusive. Still, there are beaches and temples that are accessible by a wheelchair.