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Where Can I Buy A Hospital Bed in Australia?

Buy A Hospital Bed in Australia

There is no doubt that hospital beds are way more beneficial than standard beds. They help you with a lot of adjustments and offer more comfort. Further, they use different techniques for patient fast recovery. A healthy night’s sleep is the biggest benefit of good quality beds.

Often finding a trusted and reliable source to buy a bed becomes difficult. If you also want to buy a hospital bed in Australia and feel overwhelmed with numerous options. Then don’t worry; we have your back because we tell you the best place to buy a hospital bed in Australia. Further, we will discuss more on hospital beds, so let’s get started.

Best Place to Buy Hospital Beds in Australia

Out of the different options in Australia for buying hospital beds. Gilani Engineering is the best place in Australia to purchase hospital beds. Gilani offers a fully adjustable electric hospital bed for home care and hospitals.

This fully adjustable electric bed comes up with five functions that improve the bed life of the patient. It provides support to the users through different adjustments.

The adjustable bed has unique features and is suitable for aged care centers, hospitals, and homes. Its remote control functionality improves the mobility of the user.

Who Can Use

This adjustable electric bed is suitable for everyone, including people with;

  • Hemiparesis
  • Unilateral paresis
  • Quadriplegic
  • Stroke
  • Later stages in Multiple sclerosis (MS) or (MND)
  • Cerebral Palsy GMFCS levels IV -V

Features of Gilani Engineering Hospital Bed

Gilani Engineering bed has some unique features which make it the best option for Australian buyers.

  • Multiple Adjustment Options: The bed has various adjustment options such as head, foot, back, knee, and height adjustment to provide maximum support to the user.
  • Side Safety Rails: It is equipped with side safety rails to experience the user safe and more secure while lying on it.
  • Trendelenburg Position: The bed offers a Trendelenburg position.
  • Remote Control: Remote control functionality is helpful for the patients to adjust their position without depending on someone else.

There are many more features that unique electrically adjustable hospital bed offers.

Advantages Hospital Beds

Hospital beds provide several advantages over ordinary beds. One leading edge is their versatile position settings. You can lift up or down these beds at different positions to get a comfortable posture. You can elevate your head area to read, watch tv, and have a meal instead of doing all these activities on a flat surface.

Further, you can adjust the knee, pelvic, and foot areas for therapeutic reasons and more comfort. You can also level the surface if you want to sleep on a flatbed. Comparatively, it is impossible with a traditional bed.

Hospital beds improve patient mobility in the bed, which ultimately helps them to recover fast. They can get in and out of bed easily.

These beds benefit anyone who wants a relaxed sleep after hectic daily routines. They can get desired sleeping posture for their body.

Factors to Consider Before Buying A Hospital Bed

However hospital beds give plenty of benefits, but you must consider a few factors before buying a hospital bed in Australia or elsewhere. We will mention an important one that each one should consider before deciding.

The Size of The Patient: The primary and most crucial factor is to look at the patient’s size, especially if someone is too tall. In this case, it is recommended to buy an extended surface bed. If the user is a child or too short, choose a small-size bed.

Weight Of The User: Notice the user’s weight and choose a bed. Consider selecting a sturdy bariatric bed for heavy weight person because bariatric weight could easily handle the patient’s weight.

Mobility of the Patient: Several beds are available in the market with different functionalities. But the final selection of the bed depends on the patient’s mobility level. Whether he/she can easily get in and out of bed and do other movements; OR someone is too weak for any actions. So, depending on your mobility level, consider buying one that fits well to your needs.

Mattress Quality: Pay attention to mattress quality. Despite buying a multiple-adjustment bed you choose, you can’t enjoy comfort if you purchase a poor-quality mattress because your body has direct contact with the mattress.

Low-quality mattresses affect comfort levels and can cause different medical problems. So, wisely choose a good quality mattress.


Now you know where you can buy a hospital bed in Australia. Besides this, you must have seen how hospital bed multi-adjustment function can give you comfortable sleep and fast health recovery. Gilani Engineering’s adjustable electric hospital bed has all features one must look at before buying a hospital bed.