Gilani Engineering’s Remarkable Custom Rubber Ramps

Custom rubber ramp Gilani Engineering

Gilani Engineering offers a wide range of Gilani Engineering products and services that can be customised to suit your needs.

In particular, our custom threshold rubber ramps are developed to provide ease and access through doorways and entrances.

This economical solution is provided by Gilani Engineering in a range of sizes and styles customised for your needs and can be delivered to you anywhere in Australia.
Custom rubber ramp Gilani Engineering
Custom rubber ramp Gilani Engineering

What is it made out of?

Gilani Engineering’s rubber ramps for doorways are made out of 100% recycled tyrex rubber. Our mission is to be as sustainable andenvironmentally friendly as possible by reducing the use of waste Gilani Engineering rubber ramps are carefully researched, designed and manufactured in our workshop to meet our customers’ needs and requirements. Our goal is to provide the highest quality possible in our products. We offer to come to you to take measurements (call out fee may apply).

Due to the material used to create the custom threshold rubber ramp, the access ramp is water-resistant and can be used in all kinds of weather conditions whether it is wet or dry, hot or cold. They don’t erode in the face of adverse weather.

Custom rubber ramp Gilani Engineering

Where can I use it?

Threshold rubber ramps Australia products are durable, long-lasting, hard-wearing and suitable across a diverse range of homes and commercial sectors including disability and aged care facilities, schools, restaurants and shopping centres. Our custom wheelchair ramps are ideal for any location and any event. It is designed to be a universal product in which you can use virtually anywhere.

Gilani Engineering’s Tyrex threshold ramps can be used as a walking ramp for the elderly as well as wheelchair and scooter users.

Custom rubber ramp Gilani Engineering

What are the benefits of the rubber ramp?

These handicap ramp mats, increase mobility for the elderly and disabled people to enter and leave their homes comfortably. Our custom ramps can minimise the risk of injuries or accidents from entering and exiting any place.

Disability ramps for homes can be installed by one of our friendly home modification teams. They can also install a shower ramp for disabled people who need that extra support when moving around their home. The custom ramps provide convenience to your caregivers and loved ones as it will be highly beneficial for them as well. Therefore, allowing them to save time and effort in managing tasks and everyday lifestyle tasks.

The rubber disability ramps by Gilani Engineering are easy to maintain. The mobility assists custom rubber ramp is UV resistant and super tough.

Custom rubber ramp Gilani Engineering

Get your independence back with our custom ramps now.

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