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Difference between the Air Hawk and the Falcon motorized wheelchair

Difference between the Air Hawk and the Falcon motorized wheelchair

Have you browsed through our website and noticed an uncanny resemblance of our two most popular wheelchairs the Air Hawk and Falcon Motorized Wheelchair?

Well, look no further, our team at Gilani Engineering can certainly help you with your queries.


Lightweight Foldable Electric Wheelchair Mobility Equipment Hire Sydney Air Hawk Power Wheelchair Easy foldable lightweight electric wheelchair

Air Hawk Power Wheelchair Easy foldable lightweight electric wheelchair


Easy to fold backrest for power mobility wheelchair

Easy to fold backrest for power mobility wheelchair

The Air Hawk and Falcon Are the Same Exact Motorized Wheelchair with a single difference in feature

As we are the exclusive Australian distributors of the Air Hawk Wheel Chair, we have personally designed the Falcon to have an extra but useful feature. The difference is that the Falcon has been designed to have a reclining backrest. The backrest of the Falcon can be tilted back 45deg to provide extra support and comfort. Many clients purchase the Falcon as it is the only wheelchair available in Australia to be electric and have a step-less reclining function. This means that you can choose the precise angle that you would like to recline the wheelchair.

Apart from that, the Falcon has the exact same features as the Air Hawk folding power wheelchair as it is the exact same wheelchair.

NOW ON SALE FOR $2490 for a limited time only - Price Match Guarantee!

Now available in 5 NEW Gorgeous colours

Folding Electric Wheelchairs Australia Light Folding Falcon Wheelchair Electric Adjustable Backrest

Light Folding Falcon Wheelchair Electric Adjustable Backrest

red frame electric wheelchair light folding

red frame light folding electric wheelchair

Blue frame light folding wheelchair electric with adjustable backrest

Blue frame light folding wheelchair electric with adjustable backrest

Brown Frame folding wheelchair lightweight electric

Brown Frame folding wheelchair lightweight electric

Black Frame Electric wheelchair lightweight folding

Black Frame Electric wheelchair lightweight folding



Easy to fold backrest for power mobility wheelchair

Easy to fold backrest for power mobility wheelchair

Can I use my NDIS funding to buy a motorized wheelchair

As NDIS Registered providers, you can utilise your NDIS funding to purchase your own Falcon or Air Hawk Motorized wheelchair.

Are there any other ways I can pay for my motorized wheelchair

The good news, is that Gilani Engineering takes website payments, Afterpay, cash payments, debit and credit cards with a 2% surcharge. We also take American Express with a 6% surcharge. If you do not have any of these cards or Afterpay, we also have our own interest-free finance, where you can purchase the product and pay it off slowly interest free. Alternatively, you can hire out our product and if you decide to keep it you may pay the balance owing.

Other variations of motorized wheelchairs:

Bariatric Electric Wheelchairs: A widening kit and custom-made cushion is added to turn this motorized wheelchairs into a bariatric wheelchair. The Air Hawk and Falcon Wheelchairs have a maximum weight capacity of 180kg and can be widened 10cm to 57cm between the armrests.

Accessories for our Air Hawk and Falcon electric wheelchairs 30+ additional accessories added on!

The Air Hawk AND Falcon Best Motorized Wheelchairs can be fitted with accessories which include:

  • Flip away leg rests to provide leg support and calf cushions for individuals that have limited to no leg mobility. The leg rests can be flipped away for ease of access to the dining table and can be elevated for comfort.
  • Detachable head rests can be adjusted in height and positioning and provide support to your neck and head and can be removed when needed.
  • Side bags with pockets to fit your small belongings such as your hair accessories, brush, phone or snacks
  • Large or small backpacks to store larger belongings
  • Under seat computer storage bags that come in medium or large size: They can fit your laptop, your computer, your wallet, your phone or any other personal or valuable belongings as they are hidden safely below the best motorized wheelchairs and can be accessed at any time.
  • Bottle Holders: To keep you hydrated on a long day out. This easy to access bottle holder makes it convenient for you to access if you are by yourself.
  • Phone Holders: This easy to access phone holder allows you to easily access your phone and have it right next to your hand and allows you to free your hands whilst you are riding.
  • Shopping bag hooks: Do you love going shopping so much that you always have too many bags to hold? Well, we have convenient shopping hooks to hold your shopping bags so you do not have to worry. Gilani Engineering are advocates for Independent Living NDIS providers and our aim is to promote independent living.
  • Crutch/Walking Stick Holder: Do you also use a walking stick? If you do, then as Independent Living NDIS providers, Gilani Engineering has the solution for you. We have walking stick holders that can easily be attached to your motorized wheelchairs.
  • Detachable Mirror: There is a detachable mirror available for electric wheelchairs that give you more safety and a peace of mind.
  • Electric Wheelchair Pull Rod: A pull rod allows you to pull the electric wheelchair and turn it into a suitcase!
  • Anti-tipping Wheels: Anti Tipping Wheels stop you from tipping and allow extra safety when you are outdoors.
  • Travel Bag: Electric Wheelchair Wheelchair Suitcase makes it easy to travel with the wheelchair!
  • Customisable Cushions: You can choose between different materials, filling, fully customisable dimensions including height, width, depth and much more! Contact us on 02 8740 8963 to receive a free quote for your custom made cushion to suit you.
Need some help with purchasing a motorized wheelchair? 

We know that choosing a motorized wheelchair is no easy task and can get very overwhelming very quickly! That is why you can rest assured with our advice and let us guide you on which product may suit you the most.

If you cannot decide which wheelchair suits you more, contact our lovely staff on 02 8740 8963 or email us at sales@gilaniengineering.com.au to find out more about each type of wheelchair and to find a product that suits you best.

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