Can I make my vehicle a disability car modification Sydney?

Gilani Engineering is known for its car conversions in Sydney and all over Australia

Looking to transform your vehicle into a wheelchair-accessible car? Gilani Engineering has got you covered!

As experts in disability car modifications in Sydney, we provide top-notch services to ensure your vehicle meets your accessibility needs. From wheelchair lifts to custom flooring, we offer a wide range of modifications tailored to your requirements.

Our team is dedicated to delivering safe and reliable solutions, so you can enjoy the freedom of traveling wherever you want. Contact us today to learn more about our disability car modification services and how we can assist you!

Can I make my vehicle a disability Car Modification in Sydney?

Yes, you can make your vehicle a disability car in Sydney. Gilani Engineering offers a range of wheelchair-accessible vehicle conversions and modifications, making them more accessible and user-friendly for wheelchair users.

As a registered NDIS Disability Equipment provider, Gilani Engineering ensures high-quality service and tailored solutions to meet individual needs and vehicle types, providing assurance and confidence to customers for present and future care.

We have formed effective and productive alliances with major suppliers and providers and can find
specifically tailored solutions to suit individual needs and vehicle types.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Wheelchair lifts
  • Restraints and seat belts systems
  • Hoists
  • Winches
  • Seating
  • Ramps and steps
  • Automated doors, ramps and tailgates
  • Custom hand rails
  • Custom flooring

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Some Disability Car Modifications Available in Sydney

Wheelchair Access Car Modification

1. 3rd Row Car Conversions

Honda Odyssey Third Row Rear Wheelchair Access Vehicle Modification
Hydraulic lifters are ideal car modifications for wheelchair accessibility

Our vehicle conversion provides a safe, controlled and flexible environment ensuring that all specific needs are met. The Kia station wagon can sit up to 5 occupants plus a wheelchair in the car providing space for all occupants in the vehicle.

You can also fold down the optional third-row seat which allows the vehicle to carry its original seating of 8 passengers.

The station wagons by Kia are suitable for family trips and outings, to give our customers the freedom to travel wherever they want.

We offer complete vehicle conversion for the Kia Carnival so that we can adapt and alter the vehicle to suit your available wheelchair and current lifestyle.

From minor adjustments to larger ones, we at Gilani Engineering can provide you with any solution when it comes to vehicle modification. We want to ensure that all requirements and needs are met so that you, your carer or your family can comfortably ride your WAV.

All the vehicles we work with are compliant with the national legal requirements under the RMS.

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2. Hydraulic Wheelchair Platform Accessible lift hoist

Hydraulic Accessible Wheelchair taxi Lift hoist for vehicle GILANI ENGINEERING
Hydraulic Accessible Wheelchair Lift hoist for vehicle GILANI ENGINEERING

The adaptable wheelchair platform lift, designed for disability car modification, offers various configurations, enabling wheelchair users to access their vehicles with ease.

It is designed to help wheelchair occupants to get on the van while seated in his wheelchair. This wheelchair lift can be installed at the rear door or side door. Powered by a hydraulic system, the movement of lifting, lowering and folding are fully automatic. This lift is operated by a wired remote control or by your mobile phone. It also can be operated manually for emergencies. It is CE certified and is heavy duty having a rating of 300 Kg.

What types of vehicles are suitable for wheelchair access car conversion in NSW?

There are many types of cars available on the market that are suitable for wheelchair access car conversion NSW. Some include Kia Carnival, Volkswagon Cady, Toyota Voxy, Toyota Tarago and some others!

If you do not see your vehicle on this list, then contact our RMS certified engineers on 02 8740 8963 to find out more about what disability car modification suits your vehicle and what needs to be done to ensure they are roadworthy to Australian standards.

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