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Premium Homecare Bed – Why the Hi-Lo Electric Bed is the Best Quality? 

Electric Bed Adjustable Timber Single HI-LO Assistive Bed with Remote Control and Memory Foam Mattress

Premium Homecare Bed – Why the Hi-Lo Bed is the Best Quality? 


Electric adjustable beds are designed for everyone, including people with medical conditions. These beds have an assortment of features to give proper comfort to the patients and the carers. The Premium Homecare Hi-Lo bed is one of the prominent choices to go for in the market. It has unique features that ensure better comfort to the user, making them an ideal choice for hospitals, senior care, and homes. 

The electric adjustable bed comes with head and leg elevation, which can be controlled with a remote. So, there is no need to bother the carers all the time; you can do many things on your own.

Gilani Engineering is a brand name known for quality, and this Hi-Lo bed is one of the excellent examples to prove it. The mattress has a heavy-duty steel frame for smooth raising and lowering. Even the motors are of superior quality to ensure the operation is quick and quiet. The professionals at Gilani Engineering manufacture these beds keeping in mind your particular sleeping requirements. There are two sizes available – Single and King Single Timber bed.

What makes Premium Homecare Bed different?     

First, people admire the quality of products from Gilani Engineering, which has helped increase the brand’s reputation to an extent. The experts never compromise with quality and what makes them and their products different. 

The fantastic features of these electric beds provide sleep-promoting benefits. These beds are worth every penny, making you sleep in the most comfortable positions without disturbance. 

Electric adjustable beds have many potential benefits compared to regular ones. People with medical health conditions, sleep disorders, and insomnia-like issues can be benefitted from these beds. 


With that said, let’s discuss the top features of this adjustable electric Hi-Lo bed that make it different. 

Here we go! 

  1. Four-function Adjustable

Premium Homecare Bed is built differently because it is 4-function adjustable – head raise, foot raise, combined head & foot raise, and lower/raise. These functions assist the user in completing day-to-day life tasks comfortably. 

  1. Remote Control

All the features in this bed can be controlled with a single remote. The electric bed is made keeping the shortest of details in mind that might be required by the person with disabilities, aged, or dealing with other medical conditions. It is a fully remote-controlled bed with a flashlight for night visibility. 

  1. Steel Frame Design

The bed is made of a steel frame that is weight tested up to 250 kgs. This bed offers dual lift motors and heavy-duty castors that guarantee powerful lifting. Moreover, the steel frame also helps with the smooth raising and lowering of the bed base. The steel frame is designed in such a way as to make it four-functional. 


  1. Superior Quality Motors

Motors shouldn’t go unnoticed by the wide range of functions in an electric bed. Heavy-duty engines in this bed ensure you buy a long-lasting and reliable product. These motors help with super-quiet raising and lowering of the frame; it doesn’t matter if you adjust in any position.    

  1. Massage Function   

One of the unmatched features of this Hi-Lo bed is the massage functionality. It has a unique massage feature to help the user enjoy sound sleep, relieve sleep disorders, and eliminate any discomfort.

  1. Under Bed Lighting 

You also get under-bed lighting in this bed for night visibility and find the things that can get lost under it.

  1. USB Charging Point

Another unique feature of this bed is the USB charging point that you can use to charge mobile phones and other electronic devices. It is one of the most used and in-demand features that people look for in their electric beds. 

  1. Lockable Castor Wheels 

Lock-on castor wheels are not just a feature but a requirement. Once you have placed this bed in the desired position, lock the wheels so that it doesn’t move or tremble when you change position while asleep. 


  1. Limited Warranty

When purchasing any medical device or equipment from Gilani Engineering, you are assured of one thing – quality. And that’s why you get a limited warranty on all their products. This electric adjustable Hi-Lo bed also comes with a two-year warranty on the steel frame base and one year for parts and accessories. If anything goes wrong, you will get it repaired or replaced in no time. 

  1. Best in the Market

Electric adjustable beds are the best medical accessory for people with health conditions. These beds can be helpful in below stated medical ailments:

  1. Back pain
  2. Chronic joints pain
  3. Neck pain
  4. Muscle aches
  5. Hip or knee problems
  6. Breathing issues, including asthma, emphysema, and apnoea
  7. Acid reflux conditions, including GORD

Winding Up

There you have it! Now that you know the unique features of the Premium Homecare Hi-Lo bed, it will help you make the right purchase. Gilani Engineering professionals are the preeminent market with years of experience in medical equipment accessories. Make your purchase right away and sleep like never before!

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