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How To Get A Wheelchair Parking Permit

Having a wheelchair parking permit can make a significant difference in the lives of individuals with disabilities in Australia. It provides them with accessible parking spaces that are closer to their destinations, ensuring their better mobility and independence. 

In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the process of obtaining a wheelchair parking permit in Australia, including the eligibility criteria, the application process, and the benefits it offers.

What is a Wheelchair Parking Permit And Its Types

Disability Parking Permit (DPP) is a permit that is issued to individuals with permanent or temporary disability. So you avail it if due to impairment, you can not walk without the help of mobility aids.  

When you are holder of DPP you are allowed to use specially designed parking spaces. Further, you are allowed to park in time-limited parking spaces for an extended period of time. Moreover, it facilitates you when traveling locally. 

Types of DPP

There are three types of disability parking permits. Depending on your medical condition the right one is approved for you.

  • Individual Permit: This is a blue card that is approved for 5 years for an individual with permanent disability.  
  • Temporary Permit: A temporary one is issued for 6 months and it’s a red card. 
  • Organization Permit: As the name suggests it is issued for an organization to transport an eligible person with disability. 

Eligibility Criteria for a Wheelchair Parking Permit

To get a wheelchair parking permit you need to be eligible for a parking permit in Australia. You must meet the criteria to issue it.

However, the criteria for each state or territory differ from each other. But to make it clear for you I will discuss what is general criteria for getting qualified in any state or territory in Australia. 

General Eligibility Criteria To Issue Wheelchair Parking Permit 

1. Permanent or Temporary Mobility Impairment

You or your loved one who wants to be approved for a wheelchair parking permit must deal with a permanent or temporary mobility impairment that has significantly affected their normal walking ability.

Temporary licenses are typically issued for conditions expected to improve within a certain period. Permanent permits are for long-term or lifelong conditions.

2. Need for A Mobility Aid

Secondly that person’s disability must have made him use a wheelchair, crutches, walking frame, or other mobility aids. 

3. Medical Certification

A medical practitioner must certify the individual’s need for a wheelchair parking permit. It is a key part of getting approval for a permit. This certificate must have details of disability, its nature, and how it has affected your daily mobility. 

Application Process for a Wheelchair Parking Permit

The process of obtaining a wheelchair parking permit in Australia typically involves the following steps:

1. Obtain an Application Form

First of all, you need to get an application form which you can easily get through the local council or you can download it online from the website of the state or territory you are living in. 

2. Complete the Application Form

Now you have to fill out the application form with accurate information. It includes your personal information and medical condition information. Besides your personal information, there is a dedicated section in the application form that medical professionals can fill out.

So, ask your doctor to assist you in completing the application and it also requires a medical professional to sign to confirm your disability. 

3. Arrange Fee

There is a fee to apply in a few states of Australia if you are not eligible for a free permit. So, make sure to arrange while applying. You can learn more about it from your local council or state website. 

4. Proof Of Identity

You are also required to provide your proof of identity like a driver’s license or passport. Further you need to attach your utility bill or rental agreement as your residency proof. If someone is applying on your behalf then they will need to submit proof of identity along with your. 

5. Submit the Application

After carefully filling out the application form along with supporting documents. Now you have the option to submit it through the service centre or online. Some states require you to visit in person if you already don’t have a record in the system. 

6. Processing of the Application

Once the application is submitted, it may take some time from 2 to 3 weeks. This time is taken to review and verify the information you provide. Australian disability parking scheme will issue you a disability parking permit once your application is approved. 

As I already discussed the DPP criteria and application process varies from one state to another. To help you out below are the links to further learn detailed information about your state or territory; 

Benefits of a Wheelchair Parking Permit

There are many benefits of getting approval for a wheelchair parking permit and some of these benefits are discussed below;

1. Accessible Parking Spaces

There are specially designed parking spaces which only accessible for individuals with disability parking permits.

You can access these parking spaces that are close to the buildings. Further, these spaces are usually wider and provide additional room for maneuverability safely. 

2. Convenience and Independence

It becomes convenient and less physically demanding when you have access to special parking spaces. You have less distance to travel. It helps you to enjoy your social life and activities without stressing more about them. 

3. Priority Parking

Wheelchair parking permits also entitle individuals to priority parking in certain situations, such as at shopping centers, hospitals, or other high-traffic areas. This ensures that individuals with disabilities have equal access to essential services and facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Can I use a wheelchair parking permit from another state in Australia?

Yes, wheelchair parking permits issued in one state or territory are generally recognized and accepted in other parts of Australia. However, it is important to follow the specific rules and regulations of the state or territory you are visiting. 

Q2. How long is a wheelchair parking permit valid?

The validity period of a wheelchair parking permit varies between states and territories. Generally, a blue permit for permanent mobility impairment is valid for five years, while a red permit for temporary mobility impairment is valid for the duration specified by the medical practitioner, usually up to six months.

Q3. Can someone else use my wheelchair parking permit?

No, a wheelchair parking permit is issued for the person who submits the details or applies for it. It is illegal to use someone else parking permit and penalties may apply for fraudulent use and misuse of state credentials. 


I am sure now you can apply for a disability parking permit in Australia by following the eligibility criteria, and application process. No doubt obtaining a wheelchair parking permit is a valuable resource for individuals with disabilities because it provides them with accessible parking spaces and promotes their mobility and independence. 

Remember to get in touch or read the required information of your state or territory for guidelines on obtaining a wheelchair parking permit.