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How to Use Infrared Thermometer

How to Use Infrared Thermometer

Infrared thermometers are used broadly for temperature measurement in public places, especially after the outbreak of the covid epidemic, because they help to measure the temperature from a distance and minimize the spreading of the diseases.

An infrared Thermometer detects body temperature by holding it in front of the object from a distance without touching it. It measures the temperature by detecting the infrared radiations emitting from the object and shows the temperature reading on display.

Despite being widely used, many people still need to learn how to use infrared thermometers. If you are one of those who want to know how to operate an infrared thermometer, this article is helpful for you. Also, we will give some useful tips to get accurate results. So, let’s get started it.

What is Infrared Thermometer

An infrared Thermometer is a handheld temperature measurement device known as a non-contact thermometer or temperature gun. It is popular for taking accurate temperature measurements of the object from a distance.

Further, it doesn’t get contaminated, which helps to avoid the transmission of viral diseases. It works on infrared radiations emitted from the object and funnels these rays on the metal through a lens, ultimately giving a reading on display.

How to Use Infrared Thermometer?

As the thermometer works from a distance, that’s the reason people can’t use it properly, which results in inaccurate measurements. Here we are discussing how to use it properly to get error-free results.

Note: The instruction can vary from one device to another.

1. Find A Right Device

The use of a thermometer starts with the right device. It is important to choose the right machine for accurate temperature measurement. So, get a certified device from a trusted seller.

Choose a device with a quick response time. A thermometer with fewer than 1.5 seconds response time is ideal for immediate and accurate temperature measurement.

2. Turn On Infrared Thermometer

Most thermometer models turn on by pressing the trigger on the front. Few have a power button for turning them on, labeled as “Scan.” If you find it difficult to start, read the user manual and follow the instructions to switch it on.

After turning on the thermometer, wait for almost 15 minutes and let it warm. There are more chances of fault measurements if you use it quickly.

3. Do Multifunctional Settings

Infrared thermometers are used for multiple purposes. It is equally used in industrial areas as well as for medical purposes. So, it is designed for taking the surface temperature of different things, such as foods, to human beings.

According to your needs, do its multifunctional settings before use. There is no need for technical knowledge as it is easy to use. The most important change is to set the thermometer in Celsius or Fahrenheit mode according to your needs and preferences.

Know Distance-To-Spot Ratio

Ideally, keep the thermometer close to the object for accurate measurements. However, the thermometer comes with different distance-to-spot ratios.

So, it is necessary to know the distance-to-spot ratio of the device you will use for temperature measurement. It tells the area’s size based on the distance between an object and a thermometer to get an accurate measurement. Generally, the measurement area will be small if you keep it close to the target and vice versa.

So, ensure you follow the instructions and measure from the recommended distance. Otherwise, you will end up getting the wrong results.

Keep the Angle Right

Another important thing is the aim of the thermometer on the object. If the angle of the thermometer on the object is incorrect, it cannot get the right measurement. The best way of aiming is by pointing it at the object’s center.

It is necessary to point it directly at the surface of the target and keep the angle correct.

Choose Optimal Body Parts

What is the optimal body part for temperature? Is it the forehead, writs, armpit, or neck? The best body part for temperature measurement is the one that is less affected by the surrounding environment.

Mostly the measurement is taken from the forehead because it is comparatively easy to operate. However, forehead measurement is most likely affected by the outside temperature, which can increase or decrease the actual temperature of the object.

While the armpit and wrist are useful for accurate measurement because they are less exposed to the outside world since they are covered with clothes. However, the armpit could be more suitable, especially in public places.

So, the wrist is ideal for finding the accurate temperature of the object. The same process applies to other things while taking measurements. Always use your common sense and take measures from the area which is less exposed to the external environment.

Use Trigger for Measurement

After following all the best practices for using the infrared thermometer, you need to use the trigger to take the measurement. You have to pull it, and the readings will show on the digital display within a few seconds.

Most thermometers are powered with backlights and alarms. The backlights have three colors red, green, and yellow. The green light indicates normal temperature, the red gives an alert of high temperature, and the yellow asks to take the measurements again. Similarly, the alarm is a beep sound that offers a soft and urgent beep according to the temperature. So, look at the display to find the temperature of the target and note it down. If your thermometer has “Memory” functionality. Then you don’t need to write or remember it because it can save the readings into the memory for future use.

Best Practices for Using

Here we are discussing a few important tips for better use of the infrared thermometer.

Keep Thermometer Clean and Dry

It is better to keep your thermometer clean and dry because your actual temperature readings can affect by dust, moisture, frost, dirt, and smoke. Make sure to keep it clean and dry since the infrared thermometers can affect by these things.

How to Clean It

If you find that thermometer got some dust or moisture, try cleaning it using a cotton swab or a lithe cloth with water. When cleaning it, first try to clean the lens softly and meticulously and then clean the rest of the body. Don’t use it until it gets dry. It is recommended to clean a thermometer regularly to avoid getting dirty and dusty.

Warning: It is strictly avoided to use chemicals or soap for cleaning.

Keep the Measurement Area Clean and Clear

Another important tip for finding the accurate temperature of the target is to keep it clean and clear. Try to clean the targeted area of an object before taking measurements, and then use an infrared thermometer to take a measure.

If you take measurements from the forehead, the person has eyeglasses or long hair. Ask them to remove the glasses and clear the hairs from the forehead. For the wrist, ask the person to fold the cuffs. Similarly, follow this guide in other areas of temperature measurements.

Take Multiple Measurements

If you have been using it for a while, try to take more than one measurement. So, you could find an accurate temperature because it is likely possible that you’re not keeping an angle right.

After using it for few times, you will be able to use it properly. Then you can rely on your first measurement.


We have discussed the steps you can follow to use an infrared thermometer. This article discusses choosing the right device and area for accurate temperature measurement. Moreover, we give some useful tips for making the results more accurate.