Electric Wheelchair with standing Function and additional hoist-The Ultimate


✅ The Ultimate Standing wheelchair loved by physiotherapists
✅ Weight capacity: 100 kg
✅  Can be used either sitting or standing
✅  Latest Innovative Technology on the market
✅  Easy conversion
✅  Joystick powered
✅  Comes with Hoist for extra support
✅  Model: 2021 Design

✅ Complies with Australian standards

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Electric Wheelchair with Standing Function is the newest 2021 model with advanced features and functions!


With this Electric Wheelchair with Standing Function, you can stand, lay back, sit, move for better blood circulation and stretch your body and joint, which strengthens cardio-pulmonary function and prevent bedsore. The joystick can be switched for both right and left handed users and is easy to and operate, let go can be safe to stop to boost your confidence in using the wheelchair. 

This Electric Wheelchair with standing function also comes with built in cushion armrests and backrests making the wheelchair comfortable enough for all day use. due to its compact build and comfortable design, this wheelchair can be used practically anywhere including the shops, doctor's office, school, work and even around your own home.

This Electric wheelchair can easily turn into a standing wheelchair with the press of a button. All you do is strap on the harness and press the button and there you have a standing electric wheelchair!

Features for the Electric wheelchair with Standing Function:

  • Electric Wheelchair with Standing Function 
  •  Zero Gravity
  •  Joystick for both left and right handed users

Specifications for the Electric Wheelchair with Standing Function:

  • Range: 20 Km
  • Speed: 0-6 km/h
  • Internal width from inside the armrest to inside of  the other armrest: 450 cm
  • Overall width: 690 mm (69 cm)
  • Overall length: 1100mm (110 cm)
  • Maximum height: 2020mm (202 cm)
  • Back wheels: 10 inches
  • Front wheels: 7 inches
  • Floor to the top base seat: 50 cm
  • Floor to seat cushion top: 56 cm
  • Seat cushion: 40 cm * 40 cm
  • Total weight: 32Kg
  • Battery: 15.4 Ah
  • Motor Rated Voltage: 24V Rated power 250W×2
  • Minimum radius of gyration: ≤1200 mm
  • Gradeability: ≥8°
  • Braking performance: Horizontal road braking ≤1.5m; maximum safe slope braking ≤3.6 m(6º)
  • Standing capacity: 9°
  • Static stability: ≥9°
  • Dynamic stability: ≥6°
  • Obstacle clearance height: ≥40 mm (The obstacle crossing surface is inclined and the obtuse angle is ≥140°)
  • Tire size: front wheel 7 inches, rear wheel 10 inches
  • Weight capacity: 100 Kg
  • Anti tipping wheels for the safety
  • Adjustable Sling
  • Removal sling
  • Padded support sling
  • Transferable Joystick between right and left sides
  • Manual and electrical function: By pressing three times the up arrow button on the joystick
  • Adjustable speed
  • Reverse function
  • It  can be used as electric wheelchair, standing, rehab chair or manual wheelchair
Durable motorised wheelchair with joy stick controller

Electric joystick helps the wheelchair user have control over the wheelchair speed and directions.

Electric standing wheel chair with electric hoist

With the click of a button, you regular electric wheelchair can turn into a standing hoist electric wheelchair!

Full conversion heavy duty electric wheelchair with motorised hoist

This standing hoist electric wheelchair is used to help you stand keep your circulation flowing adding more independence in your life!


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Frequently Asked Questions:


1- What makes a standing wheelchair better than a regular electric wheelchair?

Physically, a quality standing wheelchair will improve circulation, bladder function, reduce pressure sores and much more. Your life will also improve dramatically on a morale level, with the ability to look your friends and family eye-to-eye and be upright for the first time in years.

2- Who is a Standing Wheelchair recommended for?

Standing wheelchairs are used by seniors, aged cares and people with mild to severe disabilities including:

  • spinal cord injury
  • traumatic brain injury
  • cerebral palsy
  • spina bifida
  • muscular dystrophy
  • multiple sclerosis
  • stroke
  • rett syndrome
  • post-polio syndrome and more
Considerations: Load Capacity for Wheelchair? 
The load capacity of a wheelchair/scooter may change according to the type of ground the wheelchair/scooter is used on.
The supplier’s stated load capacity may have been given for a product that has been tested on a flat ground.
However, the load capacity, performance and stability may change when the product is used on an incline.
These factors, including the maximum gradient on which a wheelchair/scooter should be safely used, must be discussed with the supplier.


Additional information

Weight 61 kg
Dimensions 103 × 78 × 94 cm


  • Overall width: 690 mm (69 cm)
  • Overall length: 1100mm (110 cm)
  • Maximum height: 202 cm
  • Back wheels: 10 inches
  • Front wheels: 7 inches
  • Floor to the top base seat: 50 cm
  • Floor to seat cushion top: 56 cm
  • Seat cushion: 40 cm * 40 cm


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