Specialist Disability Accommodation SDA Built and Managed by Gilani Engineering

Specialist Disability Accommodation Australia

Specialist Disability Accommodation Australia

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Accessible Living

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Gilani Engineering offers support to builders, developers and investors that would like to develop specialist disability accommodation to meet the housing requirements under NDIS regulation, ensuring that the home has the right level of support and accessibility. We also support occupational therapists and can organise joint meetings with developers, occupational therapists with our home modifications team to organise the construction of accessible homes.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) refers to accommodation for people who require specialist housing solutions, including assisting with the delivery of supports that cater to their extreme functional impairments or very high support needs.

Funding is only provided to a small proportion of NDIS participants with a higher level of functional impairment or very high support needs who meet specific eligibility criteria.

SDA funding under the NDIS will stimulate investment in the development of new high-quality dwellings for use by eligible NDIS participants. SDA funding is not classed as support services but it is instead to fund the homes in which these services are delivered.

Here at Gilani Engineering, we believe that the possibilities are endless. 

                                                                             ... For every "obstacle" we have a solution

How builders and developers can be eligible for SDA? 

Here at Gilani Engineering, we offer support packages to developers and builders interested in developing Specialist Disability Accommodation. 

To be eligible for SDA development, builders and developers must ensure that their existing dwellings and new developments adhere to the SDA Design Standard and adhere to the Livable Housing Accommodation guidelines.

Gilani Engineering assists developers, investors and builders by:

  • Helping them modify and convert their existing developments to be more accessible and adhere to the Livable Housing Accommodation Australia guidelines and to be approved by Specialist Housing Australia.
  • Helping them to meet from Liveable Housing Accommodation Australia 
  • Help them build an accessible home for SDA approval.
Specialist Disability Accommodation Australia

Specialist Disability Accommodation Australia

Specialist Disability Accommodation by Gilani Engineering

The SDA Design Standard:

  • Leads the way for architects, builders and the community about how housing for people with a disability should be built
  • Ensure participants continue to have access to high-quality housing models
  • Give providers the flexibility to respond to participant needs and preferences.

The NDIA is determined to see this growing market build. It wants investors, developers and existing providers to grow their confidence in SDA.

As part of Gilani Engineering's support packages we offer:

✅  Guidance on the NDIS and NDIA process

✅  Build accessible housing according to the accessibility level you want

✅  Help on obtaining certification from Livable Housing Australia


Steps to approve a property for Specialist Disability Accommodation

Liveability accreditation levels

Liveability accreditation Liveable Housing accessibility level


Want to become a Specialist Disability Accommodation provider?

First, you must go through a TWO stage audit.

Stage 1 Audit - will be an NDIS audit for your company. Once you have passed that stage,

You have 18 months to enroll in an accommodation that meets the Livable housing and SDA requirements

Stage 2 audit - will be conducted on the house to ensure that it is a suitable property deemed by Livable Housing Australia, based on the level of accessibility the accommodation will be.

Each level has its own protocol.

What levels of accessibility are there? 

There are 3 stages of performance levels that dwellings can qualify for under the Livable Housing Australia guidelines. 

Performance levels are assigned upon being judged against 15 different criteria. A minimum of eight criteria must be satisfied to achieve the minimum level and be awarded a silver accreditation.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

Specialist Disability Accommodation

specialist disability accommodation

specialist disability accommodation wider entrance

Silver Level - the lowest level of accessibility and only satisfies 8 criteria

Focuses on the key structural and spatial elements that are critical to ensure future flexibility and adaptability of the home. Incorporating these features will avoid more costly home modification if required at a later date.


The eight-core design features:

  1. A safe continuous and step-free path of travel from the street entrance and/or parking area to a dwelling entrance that is level.
  2. At least one, level (step-free) entrance into the dwelling.
  3. Internal doors and corridors that facilitate comfortable unimpeded movement between spaces.
  4. A toilet on the ground (or entry) level that provides easy access.
  5. A bathroom that contains a hobless (step-free) shower recess.
  6. Reinforced walls around the toilet, shower and bath to support the safe installation of grab rails at a later date.
  7. A continuous handrail on one side of any stairway where there is a rise of more than one metre.
  8. Stairways are designed to reduce the likelihood of injury and enable future adaption.

Gold Level -  The gold level provides for more generous dimensions for most of the core livable housing design elements and introduces additional elements in areas such as the kitchen and bedroom.

Platinum Level - All 16 elements are featured in the platinum level. This level describes design elements that would better accommodate aging in place and people with higher mobility needs. This level requires more generous dimensions for most of the core livable design elements and introduces additional elements for features such as the living room and flooring.

Once you have Livable housing Australia certification, they will have a meeting with the auditor, livable housing and SDA providers to determine if the build can go ahead.

Here at Gilani Engineering we install and build all types of home modifications to ensure that dwellings are at the right accessibility level and meet the correct criteria.

Once the house is ready, you will go through the two-stage audit including the basic NDIS audit on your company and the accessible dwelling every 18 months respectively to keep your SDA approval.

Contact us today to speak to one of our expert staff regarding this process and to see how we can help your property meet the accessibility requirements of Livable Housing Australia.

Specialist Disability Accommodation

Livable Housing Accommodation

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