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What is A Wheelchair

What is A Wheelchair

A wheelchair is a mobility aid used to transport a person who cannot walk due to injury, illness, or disability. The wheelchair looks like a chair, but it is equipped with wheels to facilitate the person for convenient mobility. 

Wheelchairs have four wheels; two small caster wheels and two large rear ones. In addition to this, there are a few advanced wheelchair models that are equipped with six wheels. 

It is ideal for indoor use because its compact shape and tilt wheels help maneuver in tight corners. However, the latest models are designed to be sturdy and strong and work best for outdoor use. 

They range from manual to electric, and the most advance one offers standing features. The users have plenty of options to choose from depending on health conditions, mobility needs, and other preferences. 

Importance of Wheelchair

A wheelchair is nothing less than a blessing for people who can’t walk. Without this, they’re confined to their beds. Their life gets stuck in their homes. But a wheelchair allows them to enjoy life by participating in different activities. 

A wheelchair can move around in the home and neighborhood. Further, they can go to offices, nearby markets, and parks. It provides people freedom and mobility. 

In addition to mobility, a wheelchair also benefits physical health and better quality of life. It helps them improve digestion, ultimately reducing common health issues related to the stomach. 

Moreover, it can avoid pressure sores caused because of lying on the bed for a long time. It is easier and safer to use for anyone. 

Types of Wheelchair 

There are numerous types of wheelchairs available in the market. They differ from each other based on the functionality and features that they offer.

Primarily, they are designed for different purposes, so the users can choose the model that fits well to their needs. Someone needs a fully electric wheelchair with all bells and whistles, while another requires only a manual wheelchair. 

A few main types of wheelchairs are given below;

  1. Manual Wheelchair
  2. Electric/Power Wheelchair
  3. Sports Wheelchair
  4. Standing Wheelchair

These are the most commonly used models of wheelchairs. But they are further divided into subcategories based on propulsion method, controls, and use of technology in it. 

Wheelchairs companies are designing wheelchairs by incorporating the latest technologies to facilitate the users. They design them based on market research and ergonomics. 

1. Manual Wheelchair

A manual wheelchair is a type of wheelchair that is equipped with wheels, footplates, a sitting seat, and armrests. These are usually propelled by the chair user or pushed by someone else. Manual chairs are of two types self-propelled and transit (pushed by someone). 

At two large rear wheels, It has a slightly small diameter push rim for self-propelling. Users use this rim to propel the wheelchair without holding the wheels. 

Two small push handles are installed at the upper rear side of the transit wheelchair that allows the other person to grab and propel the wheelchair forward.

2. Electric Wheelchair 

An electric wheelchair is an advanced mobility aid with batteries and a motor. They are also known as “power wheelchairs.” The batteries supply energy to the motor, ultimately producing motion in the wheelchair. They can fold and carry in a car trunk easily. 

A small joystick or digital controller is mounted on the armrest to maneuver the wheelchair. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge to operate it. Usually, the armrest-mounted operator can use easily with a palm or thumb. 

However, there are other types of controllers for electric chairs, such as chin-operated joysticks, sip-and-puff controllers, head switches, and touchpads. 

Normal power wheelchair models come with 4 wheels; two small caster wheels and two large big wheels, like a manual wheelchair. 

However, the advanced tech-savvy models have six wheels: four small wheels and two large ones. And large ones are located at the front, middle, and rear end of a wheelchair. Powerchairs can provide a 15Km range per charge. 

3. Sports Wheelchair

Sports wheelchairs are designed for people wanting to participate in sports and games. Their design may differ slightly from the usual chair design because they are designed to play specific games. 

The material used for their manufacturing is lightweight but stable and strong enough for playing the games. They are usually non-folding to enhance their stability and rigidity. There is a slight change in the overall frame for performing in the games, such as negative camber for wheels ( for sharp turns) and different seating positions.

There are different games developed for disabled people so they can enjoy their life. A few famous sports are tennis, racing, rugby, and basketball. 

4. Standing Wheelchair

This is the most advanced type of wheelchair model that allows the user to stand while sitting on it. They use hydraulic pumps or electric power to get the standing position. 

The frames of these wheelchairs are designed to use for both sitting and standing purposes. They are most stable for individuals who don’t have strong enough lower limbs for standing. It helps them stand and provides different benefits, such as enhancing self-esteem, independence, and more productivity. 

Moreover, they allow them to relieve pressure sores, better respiratory position, maintain bone mineral density, and other useful benefits. 

Other Wheelchair Models 

Apart from these main types of wheelchairs, a few other types of wheelchairs available in the market. 

Other models include all-terrain wheelchairs, football wheelchairs, soccer power chairs, beach wheelchairs, smart wheelchairs, etc. each model provides functions. 

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