What is An Pulse Oximeter

What is An Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeter is an electric sensor device used to monitor oxygen saturation and pulse rate using noninvasive methods. It tells how much amount of peripheral oxygen human blood carries. It uses the light beam technique to give saturation level and pulse rate.

This sensor device is placed on the fingertip, earlobe, or infant’s foot to take measurements because these part of the body has higher blood flow and transfer more heat.

So, now you clearly understand what a pulse oximeter is. This article discusses the main types of a pulse oximeter, how it works, and their uses and advantages. Continue reading to learn all about pulse oximeters.

Importance of Monitoring Oxygen Saturation Levels

It is crucial to monitor the oxygen saturation levels in the blood due to the critical nature of tissue oxygen consumption in the body. Oxygen saturation is a major component of the understanding of patient care. Oxygen keeps regulating in the blood and needs to check for normal levels because hypoxemia(Oxygen level below normal) can adversely affect human organs like the brain, heart, and kidneys.

A pulse oximeter helps to perform regular measurements of oxygen saturation in the body and tells even small changes. How important to monitor the oxygen saturation level because it helps to avoid dangerously falling the level of oxygen which can affect body organs.

Types of Pulse Oximeters

There are six main types of pulse oximeters. These are;

  • Fingertip
  • Handheld
  • Benchtop
  • Phone Based
  • Wearable (e.g., Watch)
  • Multimodal (integrated with monitors)

How Pulse Oximeter Works

Pulse Oximeter works without using a needle or blood sample. It is just put on the finger (in the case of the Fingertip Oximeter) and uses an electric processor and pair of small light-emitting diodes (LEDs). One LED has red light, while the other has infrared light with different wavelengths.

Two small beams of light with different wavelengths, 660 nm, and 940 nm, pass through the body’s translucent part. Oxygenated cells allow red light to pass while absorbing more infrared light. At the same time, deoxygenated hemoglobin allows infrared light to pass and absorb more red light.

It analyzes the changes in light absorption in oxygenated and deoxygenated cells. Pulse Oximeter gives the oxygen saturation level and pulse rate.


Before taking the measurements, follow the below recommendations.

  • Remove jewelry or other metal or nail polish if using on the finger
  • Keep the hand relaxed and make sure it is warm
  • Place the device on the finger, toe, earlobe
  • Keep the device attached until it displays the reading
  • Remove the oximeter after reading

Uses of Pulse Oximeter

Pulse Oximeters can use for a wide range of purposes. You can keep track of oxygen if you are an athlete or have any medical problem which requires a normal oxygen level and pulse rate check.

A few important use cases of Pulse Oximeters are;

  • Monitoring of patients with respiratory or cardiovascular conditions
  • Use in hospitals, clinics, and at home
  • Use during and after exercise or physical activity
  • Use for the infants in neonatal intensive care units for tracking oxygen saturation
  • Monitor oxygen level if someone is under anesthesia

Otherwise, Oximeter can also use for other activities, such as taking feedback on the effectiveness of breathing interventions, e.g., oxygen therapy and ventilators.

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The advantages of a Pulse Oximeter are;

  • Convenient as compared to old blood sample methods
  • Non-invasive and painless
  • Give immediate results
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Can provide early warning of potential health issues
  • Can use at home
  • Require no technical knowledge
  • Can carry while traveling

Best Place to Buy Pulse Oximeter in Australia

There are a lot of sources for buying a pulse oximeter. However, you don’t know whether the pulse meter is reliable, which you will buy. You can choose Gilani Engineering to purchase an accurate device from a reputable seller. Gilani is a leading healthcare tools supplier in Australia.

You can buy O2Ring Pulse Oximeter for remote control oxygen monitoring. You can use it anywhere, anytime, for accurate measurements.

O2Ring Oximeter comes with the following features;

  • Monitor saturation of oxygen and Pulse rate
  • Comfortable to wear while sleeping, exercising, or doing other activities
  • Keep oxygen level track while sleeping
  • Alert when oxygen level falls
  • Precise measurement
  • Vibration reminder
  • Sync data with a mobile device using Bluetooth
  • Rechargeable battery for overnight use


A pulse oximeter is a valuable tool for monitoring oxygen saturation levels and can be used in various settings to help maintain good health. It works on infrared light, a painless method to monitor oxygen level and pulse rate. Its several advantages make it useful in hospitals and homes equally.