Why are wheelchair cars modified by Gilani Engineering the best?

Side Wheelchair Access Disability Car Conversion

Are you wondering why Gilani Engineering Wheelchair Car modifications are the best on the market?

Gilani Engineering are experts of their field as our experienced automotive engineers have a range of experience from minor, moderate and major car modifications for all sorts of vehicle access solutions, wheelchair stowage solutions and driving solutions.

We are registered NDIS disability vehicle modification providers in Sydney and offer support to our clients all over Australia. We work with a range of brands and can install any device from any brand of your choice.

If you want a custom-made solution, we are the people to do it, so contact our lovely staff on 02 8740 8963 to speak with one of our engineers today to receive a consultation on wheat wheelchair car modifications that suit you.

Today we will be explaining why Wheelchair Car Modifications at Gilani Engineering is the best on the market. How the process works and some information that might help you choose the best custom-made solution for you by NDIS disability vehicle modification experts.

What makes wheelchair car modifications suitable?

NDIS disability Vehicle Modifications are a necessity for wheelchair users as many electric wheelchairs on the market are heavy, bulky and hard to transport.

Wheelchair hoists

Sure the lightest weight wheelchairs weigh about 25 Kg however, even 5 or 10 Kg can be difficult for some carers to carry. Some people have young and strong children that can carry 25kg easily, however many elderly people live with their elderly spouses who cannot even carry 5 Kg. Overtime, this can cause health problems and injuries if a person constantly struggles with lifting their wheelchair.

It is important to consider many different factors when organising the right wheelchair accessible car conversions. The different factors weighing in may include:

  • How much can their carer lift?
  • Do they live alone or with others?
  • How often will they travelling with the wheelchair?
  • What their physical ability is?
  • What is their budget?
  • How large or how small is their car?
  • How high is the car boot?
  • How heavy is their wheelchair?

With that information, engineers or occupational therapists can find a personalised solution and can have a clearer idea on what disability car conversion suits the individual.

Vehicle access solutions

Sometimes accessing your vehicle can be difficult due to limited mobility. Vehicle access solutions are designed to make it easier to access your vehicle.

NDIS funding for accessible vehicle modifications

Accessible vehicle modifications may be included in your NDIS plan where it is reasonable and necessary support that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.  The NDIS does not generally fund a vehicle for a participant – but may fund modifications to a vehicle the participant regularly uses or would use to address their transport needs.

It is important to note that it may take time to establish whether a participant will be able to meet the requirements to be legally licensed to operate a motor vehicle. This process itself may be reasonable and necessary support, involving assessment, driving lessons and trials of different modification technologies. Our team at Gilani Engineering can assist you with the whole process of guiding you through driving lessons for wheelchair-accessible vehicles, driving lessons for modified vehicles, suggesting and brainstorming potential vehicle modification ideas with your occupational therapist, conducting and certifying your accessible vehicle modifications.

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Identifying accessible vehicle modifications needs

Vehicles aged less than five years, under 80,000kms, are generally considered suitable to modify.  However, older vehicles and those with higher mileage may still be considered where there is evidence that their modification would be cost-effective.

Before funding accessible vehicle modifications, the NDIA will also consider the effectiveness of accessible vehicle modifications having consideration to whether:

  • the modifications have been assessed and recommended by a suitably qualified professional AT assessor and specified and installed by a supplier in line with the relevant standards and state or territory regulations. We have in-house professional AT assessors to do this for you.
  • the participant owns the vehicle, or in the case of a vehicle owned by another person, whether the participant has use of the vehicle for their transport needs; and
  • the participant (or another person) is able to fund ongoing vehicle running costs, including registration, regular insurance, fuel, repairs and maintenance.

The NDIA may fund supports related or incidental to accessible vehicle modifications. For example, driver assessments for the purpose of getting an endorsed license or driving lessons where a participant needs lessons to establish the skills to use the modified vehicle.

Wheelchair accessible Vehicle Modifications – a timeline from our expert Automotive Engineer

The accessible vehicle modifications process can be a daunting and convoluted process for clients. It takes Occupational Therapy consultations to gather all information required to ensure a successful long-term prescription. The NDIS tend to only fund vehicle modifications once for each client, therefore extra care is required by the Occupational Therapist to consider the current and future needs of the participants. Even if a certain part of the vehicle may not require modifications at present, the NDIS requires it to be added into the submission and identified as a potential future need so that they can determine if the overall accessible vehicle modifications and expense recommended are considered Reasonable & Necessary.

Complex vehicle Modifications can take anywhere from 15 hours plus to be ready for submission.

What types of vehicle modifications does Gilani Engineering do?

The types of disability vehicle modifications fall under the following categories:

Driving solutions are suitable for people that have limited mobility and want to maintain their freedom and independence by driving.

Featuring the latest innovative technology
Lodgesons mini keypad controls for steering solutions
Lodgesons mini keypad
Lodgesons mini keypad is an access solution allowing you to operate 13 different functions in just one tiny product!

Driving solutions include hand controls with keypads such as the latest innovative Lodgesons steering controls. They have simple keypads that can control 6 functions or complex bleeper systems that can control up to 13 different functions! Another option is a bleeper system where you can switch between functions of the car by tapping the bleeper. Some examples of functions that can be controlled include:

  • Indicators
  • Lights (dip/main & flash)
  • Horn
  • Hazards
  • Front wipers – intermittent, low & high speed
  • Front washers
  • Illumination for Night-time visibility
Lodgesons Bleeper System Aidacare
The lodgesons bleeper system is designed for people with restricted mobility as it will operate up to 13 functions of a car from just one button.

Other hand controls include push brakes and push accelerators which are suitable for people who have lost their leg function. These come in manual or electric, horizontal or vertical, push brake or lever types. When you push the hand control the car stops, when you push the accelerator with your hand the cargoes. It’s as simple as that!


Manual Push Brake & Electronic Accelerator Aidacare
Gilani Engineerings are experts in disability car conversions. Our RMS certifiers on site will ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy once you leave our workshop.
Dual Control Pedal installation Car Modifications Australia Aidacare
Gilani Engineerings are experts in disability car conversions. Our RMS certifiers on site will ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy once you leave our workshop.

Gilani Engineering has an endless number of disability car conversion options to suit you and your budget. Every individual is unique so at Gilani Engineering we make sure that disability car conversions are tailor made to you!

Overring accelerators: 

Other individuals require over ring accelerators or under ring accelerators. These types of accelerators are the best disability vehicle modification for people with limited lower limb mobility and cannot use their feet to accelerate would prefer to use their hands for acceleration without moving their hands off the steering wheel.

Disability vehicle modifications such as over ring or under ring steering options allow clients to drive independently and freely even if they have limited lower limb mobility.

Over ring accelerator vehicle modification Aidacare
Disability vehicle modifications such as the over ring accelerator is ideal for individuals with limited lower limb ability

Steering wheel spinner knobs: 

Spinner knobs are suitable for individuals with limited upper limb mobility. It makes it easier to steer. They can have one hand on the spinner knob and the other hand on the push hand brake.

Steering Wheel Knob Quick Release Removable Spinner GILANI ENGINEERING
Steering Wheel Knob Quick Release Removable Spinner GILANI ENGINEERING
Left Foot Accelerator Flip-up model: 

Alternatively, if a client has the use of their left leg and would prefer to use their left foot to accelerate, a left-foot accelerator-accessible vehicle modification might be a suitable option.

Wheelchair access solutions include wheelchair-accessible cars, accessible ramp installations, accessible vehicle modifications, wheelchair car modifications, and platform lift car modifications. These types of modifications allow wheelchair users to bring their car along with them on trips and find ways of making that process a lot easier.

Accessible vehicle modifications

Wheelchair accessible car modification Aidacare
Wheelchair accessible car modification

Boot Hoist and stowage solutions are suitable for people who want to drive independently and bring their wheelchair along in their car for stowage. Some examples include:

Gilani Engineering Chair Topper Aidacare
Gilani Engineering Chair Topper

Gilani Engineering’s number one selling product is the chair topper which is the ultimate boot hoist and stowage solution. This product is weatherproof, heavy-duty, and automatically remote-controlled to lift your wheelchair and store it above your vehicle. The chair topper saves so much space in your car and is the best boot hoist and stowage option if you would like to use your boot space for other possessions.

What if you would like to have a solution to get easier:

Transfer solutions are suitable for people that have limited mobility and have difficulty getting into the car. The Turning Seat Evo Swivel Seat is really easy to use and is a transfer solution where the car seat comes out of the car and makes it easier to get into and automatically brings you inside the car.

Wheelchair Accessible Car Modification Swivel Chair
Wheelchair accessible vehicle modification swivel seats
What types of vehicle access solutions can Gilani Engineering do?

If you would like more information on accessible vehicle modifications, talk to our Engineers about how we can help you!

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