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The best top 3 wheelchair car providers in Sydney

The best top 3 wheelchair car providers in Sydney

What are the best 3 wheelchair car providers in Sydney? Well, this article will discuss the best wheelchair accessible vehicle providers available in Sydney NSW.

1. Freedom Motors - 

Freedom Motors are one of the best NDIS providers in Sydney, they have been converting standard vehicles into wheelchair accessible vehicles since 1997. Clearly, they are one of the most experienced NDIS providers in Sydney.

2. Total Mobility - 

Established in 1993, Total Mobility has earned an enviable reputation for providing a high level of personalised service and advice. They supply to individuals, aged care facilities, institutional homes, and hospitals, offering a broad range of solutions to ensure the best outcomes for those in need.

3. Gilani Engineering - 

Gilani Engineering are of the best NDIS providers in Sydney. They do not only provide wheelchair cars, but also are disability equipment providers, provide wheelchair accessible car conversions, wheelchair accessible cars and much more. They are Australia's only one stop disability solution shop and have a team of multidisciplinary professionals working to find the most unique and innovative access solutions for Australia.

What makes Gilani Engineering the most unique wheelchair car providers?

1. Multidisciplinary Team 

Our multidisciplinary team involves experts from all areas. We believe in a holistic approach and understand that healthcare is multifaceted. In order to provide the highest quality care and products we ensure to have experts employed in our company. We have a range of experts including allied health professionals, automotive and mechanical engineers, mechanics, healthcare managers and much more! Rest assured that you will be looked after at Gilani Engineering.

2. Custom made solutions 

Custom made solutions are some of the main things that we focus on at Gilani Engineering. Our innovative engineers can make unique solutions that fit your budget, your needs but most importantly your lifestyle. As one of the best wheelchair car providers in Sydney, we ensure to keep quality as our top priority.

the new amazing kia Carnival Conversion is available soon!

the new amazing kia Carnival Conversion is available soon!

As leading wheelchair car providers Gilani Engineering makes many different options available to you and takes the extra step. The video shows a roof topper wheelchair car conversion that our engineer installed and painted to match the vehicle for a more appealing and attractive finish.

3. Innovative wheelchair car providers

Our team of experts are constantly thinking of new and innovative ideas for their car modifications.

4. Customer Incentives 
5. Patient Centred Care
6- Price Beat Guaranteed

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