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Power Wheelchairs Sydney are NOW on Sale for $2690!

Air HAWK Foldable Electric Wheelchair Gilani Engineering

Are you wondering where you can buy Power Wheelchairs Sydney?

Well, you are at the right place as Gilani Engineering stocks a huge range of power wheelchairs from simple foldable, compact , lightweight, heavy duty wheelchairs or Innovative Power Wheelchairs Sydney Hybrids that are also mobility scooters.

Power Wheelchair Light-weight Electric Heavy-Duty compact Folding Mobility D09
Power Wheelchair for hire Sydney GED09 – Inferno Red
GED09 electric wheelchair for sale
Air Hawk is known as GED09 wheelchair for sale by high-quality brand Gilani Engineering – Silver
GED09 wheelchair for sale
Foldable Electric Wheelchair hire Sydney- Caribbean Blue
GED09 wheelchair for sale Aidacare
GED09 power wheelchair for sale by high-quality brand Gilani Engineering- Glossy Black
D09C Exclusive lightweight foldable adjustable backrest electric powerful wheelchair
GED09 electric wheelchair hire Sydney  – Matte Black

We are proud to announce that Gilani Engineering is the Exclusive Australian Distributor for AIR HAWK and FALCON GED09 Power Wheelchairs Sydney.

That means that we can offer you the best price and most affordable Power Wheelchair Sydney or even the most affordable Motorised Wheelchair Australia on the market!

What makes our Air Hawk (previously known as the GED09) Power Wheelchairs Sydney so special? 

The GED09 is one of the most ergonomic, heavy-duty foldable motorised wheelchair on the market with easily foldable foot and armrest ensuring flexibility and comfort.

Not only is it one of the lightest Motorised wheelchairs on the market but it is also considered a bariatric wheelchair as it is durable and heavy duty Wheelchairs.

Our Air Hawk can even be hired for the lowest price in Sydney. Call us on 02 8740 8963 for a free quote and to find the best Motorised wheelchair hire in Sydney.

See 30+ accessories that can be fitted to Power Wheelchairs Sydney

The Air Hawk AND Falcon Motorised Wheelchairs can be fitted with a large number of accessories! The types of accessories it can be fitted with include:

  • Flip away leg rests to provide leg support and can be elevated
  • Detachable head rests which are adjustable and provide support to your neck and head
  • Side bags with pockets to fit your small belongings such as your hair accessories, brush, phone or snacks
  • Large or small backpacks to store larger belongings
  • Under seat computer storage bags that come in medium or large size: They can fit your laptop, your computer, your wallet, your phone or any other personal or valuable belongings as they are hidden safely below your motorised wheelchairs and can be accessed at any time. (Contact us on 02 8740 8963 as this is a new product)
  • Bottle Holders: To keep you hydrated on a long day out. This easy to access bottle holder makes it convenient for you to access if you are by yourself.
  • Phone Holders: This easy to access phone holder allows you to easily access your phone and have it right next to your hand and allows you to free your hands whilst you are riding.
  • Shopping bag hooks: Do you love going shopping so much that you always have too many bags to hold? Well, we have convenient shopping hooks to hold your shopping bags so you do not have to worry. Gilani Engineering are advocates for Independent Living NDIS providers and our aim is to promote independent living.
  • Crutch/Walking Stick Holder: Do you also use a walking stick? If you do, then as Independent Living NDIS providers, Gilani Engineering has the solution for you. We have walking stick holders that can easily be attached to your motorised wheelchairs.
  • Detachable Mirror: There is a detachable mirror available for electric wheelchairs that give you more safety and a peace of mind.
  • Electric Wheelchair Pull Rod: A pull rod allows you to pull the electric wheelchair and turn it into a suitcase!
  • Anti-tipping Wheels: Anti Tipping Wheels stop you from tipping and allow extra safety when you are outdoors.
  • Travel Bag: Electric Wheelchair Wheelchair Suitcase makes it easy to travel with the wheelchair!
  • Bariatric Electric Wheelchairs: A widening kit and custom-made cushion is added to turn this motorised wheelchairs into a bariatric wheelchair. The Air Hawk and Falcon Wheelchairs have a maximum weight capacity of 180kg and can be widened 10cm to 57cm between the armrests.
  • Falcon Electric Wheelchair: The Falcon Electric Wheelchair is a reclining backrest wheelchair and is a comfortable alternative to the Air Hawk.

Why should you Shop for Power Wheelchairs Sydney at Gilani Engineering?


Our GED09 motorised wheelchairs are made out of lightweight strong aluminium. GED09 Foldable Electric Wheelchairs are built to last a lifetime and weigh only 23kg! The durably built frame along with the ergonomics of this power chair means that its maximum weight capacity is 180kg! 

Since our GED09 has a maximum weight capacity of 180kg it is also considered a bariatric wheelchair in Australia.

Standard Electric Wheelchairs worldwide have a maximum weight capacity of usually 110kg-130kg and weigh from 23kg for lightweight power wheelchairs with a low weight capacity to 115kg for the heaviest duty electric wheelchairs.

Our Power wheelchairs Sydney weigh 23kg which is the lightest possible foldable electric wheelchairs on the market and is the most heavy-duty on the market.

Our GED09 has the weight capacity and strength of a bariatric wheelchair whilst having the weight of the lightest electric wheelchairs on the market.

Check out our range of our electric wheelchairs to shop for electric automatic folding wheelchair Australia!

Automatic Folding Power Wheelchairs Sydney

Auto folding lightweight Airwheel wheelchair
Auto folding lightweight Airwheel wheelchair

Airwheel wheelchair auto folding, smart wheelchair, heavy-duty, durable automatic folding power chair by Gilani Engineering. This high-tech wheelchair has many special features making it a one of a kind wheelchair. It can be remote controlled, smart phone app controlled (both android and apple).

IGET1 Power Wheelchairs Sydney

IGET1 Electric Wheelchair Australia
IGET1 Electric Wheelchair Australia
Electric Wheelchair Scooter With Unique Omnidirectional Wheels IGET1 is one of the most unique power wheelchairs Sydney:

This is a hybrid Electric Wheelchair and Mobility Scooter at the same time.

We are Independent Living NDIS Providers and provide a range of other services including supplying electric beds , assistive technology , electric wheelchairs , manual wheelchairs , mobility equipment , accessories .

As Independent Living NDIS providers we can utilise your NDIS funding to provide brand new Power Wheelchairs Sydney. If you want to try before you buy Power Wheelchairs Sydney we can use your NDIS funding to organise that as well.


Call us on 02 8740 8963 or email our lovely sales team at sales@gilaniengineering.com.au to find out more about our range of motorised wheelchairs.

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