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Why Electric Wheelchairs Are so Popular

Why Electric Wheelchairs are So Popular

Electric Wheelchairs are getting more popular nowadays. With the advancement in technology in other fields, the medical field is also putting its best effort into bringing unique products to people. Electric chairs are the updated and tech-savvy version of Manual Wheelchairs. 

Electric Wheelchairs are becoming popular because they’re more reliable, easily maneuverable, and, more importantly, operate on batteries that give the rider a feeling of independence.

They can move from one point to another without any caretaker or pusher; moreover, the rider doesn’t need to use their strength. 

There are many other reasons why electric wheelchairs are so popular. This article discussed why the world is moving towards motorized wheelchairs and what advantages they provide. Let’s explore it.

What Makes Electric Wheelchairs Popular

Wheelchairs are mobility aids used as human transport sources for years. But electric chairs are advanced mobility sources that encourage people to buy them instead of manual wheelchairs. 

Electric Wheelchairs are More Capable Than Manual Wheelchairs

The first and most important reason for power wheelchairs’ popularity is their capability and performance with amazing build quality makes them more famous in the market. 

The latest technology is used in their manufacturing. The rider feels safe while sitting on it. Wheelchairs perform well on different types of terrain. 


Although Power wheelchairs are loaded with batteries and motors, still, most brands of wheelchairs are lightweight such as Air Hawk Wheelchairs. Air Hawk wheelchairs weigh only 25 kg to 30 kg. Their light frame with plenty of amazing features makes them popular among buyers. 

Design on Ergonomics

Power Wheelchairs are designed on ergonomics. Proper research takes place before designing electric chairs to meet the market demands. The study gives reliable and comfortable end product which attracts users. It can adjust to meet the needs.

Easy to Control and Maneuver

Electric Wheelchair uses Joystick or Controller for moving. The controller can operate with a single hand using very little strength. Moreover, any age person can use it comfortably.

Electric Wheelchair Operates on Batteries

Batteries are used to power motorized wheelchairs which gives power to wheelchairs to move without using body strength. This feature attracts people to power chairs.

Because some wheelchair riders don’t have strong muscles to maneuver in manual wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs can make the rider feel tired after a few yards of travel.

So in such cases, manual wheelchairs require a caretaker or family member to move the wheelchair from one place to another, which is not always possible. 

Added Comfort

Manual wheelchairs can cause strain on riders’ muscles. Most wheelchair users use it for a long time. It is necessary to make it comfier for the rider so they never feel tired after sitting for a prolonged period of time.

To fulfill the needs, electric wheelchairs are designed to provide extra comfort to the riders. These wheelchairs offer support and stability to the rider. Moreover, seats can tilt for better posture. 

Perfect for Short Journey

A wheelchair is a daily used mobility aid for disabled individuals or for those who can’t walk a short distance. For such people, an electric wheelchair is a blessing that helps them go to the nearby markets or wander in the neighborhood.

Moreover, it doesn’t need human assistance to push, making electric wheelchairs more popular. 

Electric Wheelchair is Adjustable

Electric chairs are more reliable than manual wheelchairs because they are adjustable. You can adjust their seat height and back support according to your needs. Further, you can adapt arm and leg rests. 

Motorized wheelchairs are slightly bigger than manual ones, which increases seating room, and the installation of cushions makes seating more comfortable. 

Foldable and Transportable

Motorized chairs can fold quickly to fit into a compact place or into the car trunk to transport. The folding feature makes it travel-friendly.

Advantages of Electric Wheelchair

An electric wheelchair provides many advantages over a manual wheelchair, making it popular. Electric chairs are easy to maneuver and require less effort to operate. Some main benefits of these wheelchairs are below. 


A motorized wheelchair’s speed is a plus point over the manual one. However, the speed is low compared to other motorized vehicles. But still, it is good enough to move around in the neighborhood or to go to the nearby markets. 

The electric chairs can accelerate at a maximum speed of 5mph to 10mph. So, it can save plenty of time in your daily routines. 

Require No Efforts

Another big benefit of using an electric chair is its self-propelling functionality. As it runs on batteries, the rider doesn’t need to put effort into moving it around.

You only need to use its Joystick or controller to maneuver it, which is easy to operate and requires very little effort. 


Electric wheelchairs are practical and can fold within 5 seconds to put into compact places. You can take them on the airplane because wheelchairs of most brands are certified. 

Bottom Line

Electric wheelchairs are common these days. They are popular now, and their use will increase with time because more people understand their practical features and adopt them over manual wheelchairs. 

No doubt, motorized wheelchairs are practical, comfortable, and capable of daily use.