Which Covid-19 Sneeze Shield best suits your vehicle

Which Covid-19 Sneeze Shield best suits your vehicle

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s very important to ensure that you protect yourself from this virus. That’s especially true if your job involves talking and connecting with other people.

Which is why investing in a taxi driver protection screen is a very good idea. Not only does it help you save time, but it also makes it simpler to just protect yourself from any problems that might arise. The driver safety partition screen is a stellar investment because it reduces droplet transfer, while also inspiring confidence for your customers as well.

Does a safety car screen for drivers work?

Generally, you want to ensure that you keep at least 6 feet of distance between you and other persons. Yet as a driver, that can be impossible. Which is why getting a proper Uber protection screen Australia is a very good idea. Not only does this help protect you from any sneeze or coughing droplets, but it also helps you comply with the current rules and regulations.

On top of that, you always want to ensure that your customers feel a sense of safety when they work with you. And that’s why it’s crucial to add a taxi driver protection screen, since it further adds to the experience and you get to keep customers happy. In the end, this also helps you obtain better reviews. So even if it might cost a little bit, the Uber protection screen Australia is a great investment in your business.

What COVID-19 sneeze shield should you consider buying?

There are different materials used for COVID-19 sneeze shields, each one with its fair share of benefits. Acrylic COVID-19 sneeze shields are usually made from acrylic acid and that offers flexibility. This is important, especially if you want custom sneeze shields. Another helpful material in this case would be polycarbonate plastic. The properties are similar, but the polycarbonate option is known to be a lot more durable. That being said, this is also more expensive, yet it all comes down to the protection level you are interested in.

Glass barriers might be suitable if you want to fully distance yourself from any sneezes, but they are not the most durable. Replacing them can actually cost you quite a bit of money. You can also find some mounting sneeze shields, all of which are very helpful and easy to use. These can be moved around or replaced as needed. Generally they are made from materials that aren’t super durable, yet the fact that they are inexpensive and replaceable does help quite a lot.

Covid-19 Safety Screen Shutter for Taxi Uber and Ride Share Cars

Covid-19 Safety Screen Shutter for Taxi Uber and Ride Share Cars

COVID-19 sneeze shield Covid-19 safety shutter for protection against viruses

Covid-19 safety shutter for protection against viruses and other contagious diseases

Covid-19 screen shutter for ride shares

Covid-19 screen shutter for ride shares including taxis and ubers

Covid-19 screen guard coronavirus protection screen for taxis, uber and ride share cars

Covid-19 protection screen for Taxis, Ubers and Rideshare Cars. Plastic screens are great to prevent the spread of covid-19.









Which material is ideal?

We believe that the sneeze shields made out of polycarbonate like the Sneeze Guard Sydney Safety COVID-19 Sneeze Shield Screen for Taxies and Ride share Vehicles comes as an ideal solution. This product is designed to be very durable, and it can work great for personal use cars, taxis and it can be used as an Uber protection screen Australia as well. The main advantage you get from this particular product is that it delivers taxi protection for many Toyota models, all while being very easy to uninstall. You can use it without damaging your vehicle, and the product delivers great protection against droplets.

On top of that, this taxi driver protection screen is also easy to wipe down and clean, you can actively remove it and clean it separately. Or you can easily clean it within the vehicle if you choose to. The best

part about using such a Covid-19 sneeze shield is that you get to stay compliant with the Australian standards, while also protecting you and your clients. And yes, the product is available in multiple sizes too. You can choose from smaller vehicles to bigger ones, depending on your needs.

Does the Covid-19 sneeze shield come with any guarantee?

It’s important for such a driver safety partition screen to have some warranty, just in case there are problems. While there’s little that can happen to such a product, the sneeze screens come with 12 months of warranty. It’s a great safety net you can use in case there are any issues or challenges that might arise.


If you are offering ride sharing or taxi services, buying the right safety car screen for drivers is a necessity nowadays. The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we can provide such services, so investing in a great driver safety partition screen is extremely important. Gilani Engineering is here to help with a very easy to use, professional sneeze screen solution that’s affordable, easy to install and also very easy to clean.

We recommend getting one that fits your car right away, since not only does it keep you safe, but it also protects your customers as well. A good Uber protection screen Australia is an extraordinary investment and one of those purchases that can help your ride sharing or taxi business in the long run!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What Car models do the Covid-19 sneeze shield screens fit?

Gilani Engineering stocks a variety of different safety screens including Toyota Covid-19 sneeze shield which fits most Toyota models including Toyota Hiace , Toyota Camry , Toyota Corolla , Toyota Aurion and much more!

The other brands that we fit most car models including Kia Carnival , Holden models , and much more! Call us today to find out if your car will fit covid-19 sneeze shield screens!

How are the Covid-19 sneeze shield screens installed?

The Covid-19 partition screen is simply installed by placing a plastic guard that prevents liquid and pathogens from being transmitted between the front passengers and back passengers of a vehicle. The Covid-19 clear screens are an excellent guard that can be easily installed and easily removed.

Can Covid-19 protection guards be custom made? 

Yes! Covid-19 protection screens come in many different sizes and shapes and can be custom made for the unique vehicles shape and size. This includes Toyota Hiace, Kia Carnival.

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