The BEST priced Dual control car conversion cost in Sydney

Dual Control Car Conversion Cost SydneyHigh Quality Dual control brake accelerator and clutch

Are you wondering what the lowest priced dual control car conversion cost is in Sydney?

Well, look no further; Gilani Engineering utilises our own innovative, Australian-made and designed parts to ensure that we deliver the highest quality dual controls on the market with the lowest price tag. In this article, we will cover the total costs of dual-control car conversion costs, break down the different associated costs when getting a dual-control car conversion, hidden costs and future costs, so you have a better understanding of the process.

Dual Control Pedal Installation Sydney
Dual Control Pedal Installation Sydney

How do we install the highest quality dual controls for driving instructors at the lowest price?

We Install Dual Controls for driving instructors all over Sydney.

Here at Gilani Engineering, our industry-leading engineers are able to install all types of dual control pedals, including dual brakes, dual accelerators, and dual clutches in all combinations. A separate wire is connected to each dual control pedal.

  • Dual Control Driving Pedals are installed with minimal cutting or damage to your car. (read below to learn more about how we perform high-quality dual-control installations)
  • Dual controls for driving schools are universal, so they fit any car make or model and are transferrable. This means you save costs in the long term as you can remove our dual control and sell your car more easily as it may have depreciated less. You may need to consider future costs when determining dual-control car conversion costs overall.
  • RMS certifiers on Site: Did you know that after getting a dual control installation, you need an RMS certifier to approve your vehicle and write you a certificate that costs money? Well, at Gilani Engineering, we have RMS certifiers on site. That means it is included in your package, and it gives you peace of mind that once you leave our shop, your car is legal to drive or teach!

Why is the Dual Control car conversion cost at Gilani Engineering the lowest on the market?

  1. We only drill one hole to secure the dual control on the passenger’s side, and that is it!  – Our dual-control pedals are the least damaging in the market – saving you in future costs!

  2. Our dual controls are Universal, which means that we can fit them into your car no matter the make and model! We have a fixed price, not a changing price.

  3. You get to keep your dual control pedal for life! Even if you, as a driving instructor, need to change cars constantly, you do not have to pay for a new one each time, saving you a lot of hassle!

How does Gilani Engineering’s Dual Control Pedal works?

  1. We drill one hole to secure the dual control on the passenger’s side – Minimal modification and damage to your vehicle.
  2. We then thread the cable behind the dashboard and attach it to the driver-side original pedals – NOT THROUGH THE ENGINE BAY.
  3. That is it!

Brake Only

Brake-only dual control pedal installations are the most common vehicle modification used by driving instructors and can be installed in both manual and automatic cars. Usually, the driver’s brake pedal is connected directly to a cable that winds around the housing pulley block that manually pushes the brake and stops the movement of the wheels every time the driver steps on the brake pedal. Our specialist engineers connect a cable from the front passenger side brake pedal directly to the driver’s housing pulley block so that every time the driving instructor sitting on the front passenger side decides to step on their dual brake, the car will slow down.


Accelerator and brake combined dual control pedal installations are a vehicle modification allowing the added safety benefits of acceleration. Gilani Engineering can install accelerator dual controls for manual or automatic vehicles. Much like the brake, the accelerator is connected to a pivot arm. When the driver steps on the accelerator pedal, the pivot arm extends and enables the brakes to unlock, thus allowing for acceleration. When our engineers install additional accelerator dual control pedals, a cable connects the front passenger’s accelerator to the driver’s side pivot arm so that when the driving instructor decides to accelerate, the pivot arm extends, enabling the acceleration of the vehicle.


Gilani Engineering also caters to vehicles with a manual transmission, so you can teach your manual learners how to use the clutch while driving. Our vehicle modification team is able to install any combination of dual controls that you prefer. We install clutch dual-control pedals for manual vehicles. When the driver pushes their foot down onto the clutch pedal, the fork lever contracts and pushes the release lever plate, which is connected to the bottom of the release lever. Hence, the top part locks in and stops the pressure plate and crankshaft from moving, this allows the driver to change gears or start the car moving. Gilani Engineering connects the cable from the front passenger clutch directly to the driver’s clutch allowing driving instructors to take control of the vehicle.

RMS Certifier

We are proud to be one of the few selected RMS certifiers in Sydney and Australia. We can offer the complete service of supplying, installing and certifying for our clients who want any vehicle modification. Our Dual Control Car Conversion Cost is the lowest price in Sydney as it includes the parts, installation, certification and customer service that other car conversion companies do not currently offer.

At Gilani Engineering, our team of dedicated engineers is RMS certifiers, so you can rest easy knowing that we can complete the complete package. You can safely drive out of our workshop without needing to organise alternate transport until your vehicle is certified.

Duration and location considerations for dual control car conversion costs:

At Gilani Engineering, time is money, so the installation duration must be included when considering dual-control car conversion costs. At Gilani Engineering, we have a team of highly experienced and qualified engineers and mechanics who perform an average of 5 dual-control installations a day! That means we understand exactly how to complete the dual control in a timely manner. If you drop your vehicle off at 7:30 am in the morning, it will be completed by the afternoon.

There are many cafes, restaurants or shopping areas, enabling you to easily pass your time and pick up your vehicle if you choose to wait and not pay for transport. This makes Gilani Engineering the most convenient dual-control installer in Sydney and also reduces the dual-control car conversion cost overall.

Additionally, the location of your preferred company may contribute to the dual-control car conversion cost and should be considered when determining the overall dual-control car conversion cost. If a dual-control car conversion company is far from public transport, you will have to pay additional out-of-pocket for a taxi or an Uber to get you home. Luckily, our workshop is a 2-minute walk from public transport at Gilani Engineering, taking you to Fairfield Station, a central location.

Gilani Engineering‘s team of dedicated engineers, mechanics and workshop assistants work day and night to ensure that your vehicle modification is completed in a timely manner. We are experts in disability vehicle modification, and no job is too big or too small for our vehicle modification team.

We understand that no one wants to deal with long wait times and installation delays. That is why we ensure to complete your simple dual control installation in half a day to a full day. If you bring your vehicle to us at 7:30 am, you can usually pick it up by 3:00 pm the same day. If you bring it later in the day you can pick it up the next day.

Gilani Engineering Dual Control Vehicle modifications:

Dual Controls For Driving School Instructor Passenger Pedals - Brake only
Dual Controls For Driving School Instructor Passenger Pedals – Brake only
Dual Controls For Driving School Instructor Passenger Pedals – Brake only
Brake and Clutch dual control setup
Brake and Clutch dual control setup

Dual Control Pedals For Driving Instructors Brake Only Made in Australia



Brake and Accelerator dual control pedal installations at Gilani Engineering

car conversion cost clutch and brake installation

How much does a Dual Control car conversion cost in Sydney?

Supply, install & certify Brake and Accelerator dual control pedals – $1995

Supply, install & Certify Brake dual control pedal ONLY – $1695

Removal of your existing pedal and Certification – $1099

Removal Only – $395

Re-install and Certify – $1090

Re-install Only – $950

Additional Pedals – $350 each

In summary, the following questions have to be asked when considering dual-control car conversion costs in Sydney:

  1. What does the package include? Does it include the parts, installation, RMS certification and at least 5 years warranty?
  2. What type of dual control do they supply? (the minimally damaging cable we offer at Gilani Engineering or the non-transferrable and difficult-to-remove pull-rod)
  3. How long will it take? Will you have to leave your vehicle overnight?
  4. How far is it from public transport, and how will you get home?
  5. Are these installers open on Saturdays, or do different working hours suit you?
  6. Will you be likely to sell your car in the future? (If you are, then get a transferrable and removable dual control)
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