How to Book A Wheelchair for Flight

How to Book A Wheelchair for Flight

Traveling by air can be an exciting experience, but it can also be a bit overwhelming for individuals who require a wheelchair to get around. However, most airlines have made provisions to accommodate passengers with disabilities, including those who need wheelchair assistance. 

Now you can get wheelchair assistance for flights. To help you in the process, I explain step-by-step how to book a wheelchair for a flight. 

Step-By-Step Guide for Wheelchair Booking for Flight

Follow the given instructions for getting chair assistance at the airlines. Most airline companies have the same procedure. 

Step 1: Contact the Airline

You have to contact the airline to get the wheelchair at the airport. They provide online forms, phone numbers, and emails to contact them. You must tell them your flight details like flight number and the date and time. Then request mobility assistance and let them know where you want service, such as at the entrance gate of the airport, for boarding, etc. 

Note: You must contact the airlines for mobility equipment assistance 48 hours before the flight departure. 

Step 2: Provide Your Medical Information

Airlines require your medical information to ensure you need mobility equipment assistance. The reports include the impairments details, the medical equipment you carry, and the medication you take on the flight. For further confirmation, airlines may ask for a doctor’s note. 

Step 3: Confirm Your Booking

Airlines will be able to confirm the booking of a wheelchair or other mobility aid assistance once you have done providing the required information.

According to your request, they will assist you with necessary arrangements, like giving you an aisle chair for boarding the plane.

Further, they can assist you with boarding and deplaning. They also offer a wheelchair to pick up and drop you at the entrance gate of the airport. 

Step 4: Arrive at the Airport

Arrive at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight on the day of departure. Let the staff know that you apply for wheelchair assistance so they can help you. After that wheelchair attendant will come to assist you. 

However, extra time help you to go through the check-in of your luggage, medicine, and other security screening process till you board the plane. Further, checking your mobility aid may take time if you bring your own. 

Step 5: Board, the Flight

The airline staff also helps you boarding on the plane. They will assist you in sitting on your seat and bringing your luggage. If you are using your own wheelchair, the staff will pack and stow it on the aircraft. 

The airline also provides assistance to get off the flight. Generally, the staff assists when all other passengers deplaned.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do airlines charge for a wheelchair?

Airlines do not charge any fee for a wheelchair. So, you don’t have to pay for carrying mobility equipment. 

How do I get wheelchair assistance at the airport?

You can get wheelchair assistance at the airport by calling the airline 48 hours before the flight departure and requesting them to provide you with wheelchair assistance at the airport. 

Do airlines charge for your own wheelchair?

The answer is no. The airline doesn’t charge you for your own wheelchair. The airlines do not even charge for providing wheelchair assistance at the airport. 


So, you can book a wheelchair for a flight by contacting the airline. You will request a wheelchair or other mobility equipment assistance at the airport by providing the flight number and additional information described in the article. After confirming your medical problems, they will reserve mobility equipment for you.