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How to Get An Electric Wheelchair Into A Car

How to Get An Electric Wheelchair Into A Car

Wheelchairs are necessary tools for moving around for individuals bound to sit on them. They have to carry it along while going away from home. But the question is how to get an electric wheelchair into a car. Because most of the time we use the vehicle for moving from one place to another.

Getting an electric wheelchair into a car can be daunting, especially for people with limited mobility. However, with the right equipment and a little patience, it can be done safely and efficiently.

You can transport wheelchairs in different ways, like using vehicle lifts, wheelchair ramps, and wheelchair hoists. To find a better and easiest way to transport a wheelchair in the vehicle, keep reading this helpful article.

Finding the Best Option for You

Before discussing the transportation process, it is worth discussing the best solution for getting a wheelchair into the car. If you are a permanent user of a wheelchair and have to travel often. Then it is good to invest in a wheelchair ramp because it makes life easier. It makes the loading and unloading process more convenient. Additionally, it saves time and prevents any injury during the whole process.

Another solution is a wheelchair lift. However, every vehicle can’t accommodate a lift, but most models can acquire it. This technique simply raises the wheelchair to vehicle height and fits it.

It’s up to you which option suits you best according to your preferences. However, both are the best and most reliable options for quick loading and unloading wheelchairs. We recommend consulting with vehicle modification service providers to get any help. Gilani Engineering also provides vehicle modification services and has a team of experts. So, you can contact us.

How to Get a Power Wheelchair Into A Car

Here are some steps to help you get an electric wheelchair into a car;

1. Choose the Right Vehicle

Selecting the right vehicle is the first thing to get a wheelchair into it. An SUV or van is ideal for transferring chairs because they provide more room for maneuvering them. However, smaller vehicles can work well with the help of the right equipment.
Note: Before loading the wheelchair, determine the loading capacity of the car you are going to use.

2. Get the Right Equipment

Getting a wheelchair into a car is complicated if you lack any helping equipment. After selecting a suitable vehicle, the right equipment can make the loading process much easier.

The tools may include a ramp, a lift system, or a transfer seat. You should consult your healthcare provider or a mobility specialist to determine the best equipment.

3. Prepare the Vehicle

Preparation of the vehicle before loading the wheelchair is crucial. It includes the removal of obstacles from the way. You must fold your car’s back seats, remove floor mats, or adjust the seat position.

4. Position the Ramp

After preparing the wheelchair, you now have to deploy the ramp. Carefully stable and secure the ramp before riding the wheelchair on it to avoid accidental situations.

If you use a lift system, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to position it correctly.

5. Transfer to the Chair

Once the car and ramp are in a good position, it’s time to get the electric wheelchair into the vehicle. Drive or push the electric wheelchair up the ramp into the car. Otherwise, use the lift to transfer it into the vehicle.

6. Secure the Wheelchair

After transferring the wheelchair into the car, secure it to prevent damage during the drive. This may involve using tie-downs, straps, or other equipment to ensure the wheelchair is in place.

How to Unload the Electric Wheelchair From the Car

Follow the below steps to unload the electric wheelchair from the car;

  • Position the vehicle in a safe location.
  • Deploy the ramp
  • Remove the tie-down straps.
  • Drive or push the electric wheelchair down the ramp.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to load wheelchair into SUV?

Loading a wheelchair into an SUV can be challenging, but there are a few steps you can follow to make the process easier:

  1. Open the SUV’s rear door or liftgate and fold down the rear seats to create more space.
  2. Position the wheelchair so that the back of the seat faces the open door.
  3. If your SUV has a ramp, unfold it and position it at the base of the rear door. If your SUV doesn’t have a ramp, you can use a portable ramp or ask someone to help you lift the wheelchair into the vehicle.
  4. Push the wheelchair up the ramp slowly, using the handles or armrests to guide it.
  5. Once the wheelchair is inside the SUV, secure it with tie-down straps or restraints. These are typically anchored to the floor or the frame of the vehicle and help keep the wheelchair in place during transportation.
  6. Close the SUV’s rear door or liftgate, and ensure that it is securely latched.

Remember to take your time and be careful when loading a wheelchair into an SUV. If you’re unsure about the process or need assistance, don’t hesitate to ask for help.


In conclusion, getting an electric wheelchair into a car can be challenging. Still, with the right equipment and a little preparation, it can be done safely and efficiently using a ramp, a lift system, or a transfer seat.

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