Intuitive Smart Secondary Steering Control: Remote Control, Removable, Long Lasting – Intuitiv-E 

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  • Intuitive joystick control for 12 functions
  • Ergonomic design for natural thumb placement
  • Minimizes distractions for enhanced safety
  • Comfortable grip with soft-touch coating
  • Long-lasting battery with easy replacement
  • Detachable for driving without a handset
  • Wide car model compatibility
  • Optional Automatic Lights System (ALS)
  • Compatible with 200 kits, 600 car models

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Intuitive Smart Secondary Steering Control: Remote Control, Removable, Long Lasting - Intuitiv-E 

For an ergonomic use and smart connection-Pimas

Experience driving like never before with the Intuitiv-E remote control handset, designed for ergonomic use and smart connection.


  • Ergonomic Use
  • Smart
  • Reliable


  • 12 multifunctions
  • Radio operated
  • Intuitive use
  • Right and Left adapted
  • Automatic Return of Indicators
  • Ergonomic Handholding & Soft Touch Coating
  • Easy Access to the battery (one hand)
  • Long battery life (1600 hours)
  • Removable
  • Compatible with Car Steering Wheel Bulge (Adjustable Steering Adapter)
  • Option: Automatic lights System (ALS)

Intuitive Control

  • Effortlessly control 12 functions with the intuitive lever control (joystick), allowing easy memorization of functions.
  • Stay focused on the road with your thumb naturally placed over the lever, ensuring smooth and intuitive operation.
  • Navigate roundabouts, tight turns, and lane changes with ease using the direct functions of Intuitiv-E.

Enhanced Safety

  • Drive confidently at night with the absence of a keyboard, ensuring intuitive operation without taking your eyes off the road.
  • Automatic Return of Indicators feature ensures timely signaling for enhanced safety.

Convenient Features

  • Soft-touch coating and ergonomic handholding ensure a comfortable grip during use.
  • Enjoy long-lasting battery life of up to 1600 hours, with easy one-handed access for replacement.
  • Easily detach the Intuitiv-E set from the steering wheel for driving without the remote control handset.

Reliable Performance

  • Radio-operated and compatible with various car models, ensuring reliable performance across different vehicles.
  • Automatic lights System (ALS) option adds further convenience and safety to your driving experience.


  • Compatible with 200 kits and 600 car models, ensuring widespread adaptability for diverse driving needs.


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