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When electric tailgate Lift of your vehicle is not working you should do this!

Tailgate lift Manual tailgate to automatic electric tailgate conversion. This modification simply replaces the original backdoor of the vehicle with a remote control open and close.

Experiencing issues with your vehicle’s electric tailgate not working? Learn about the causes and solutions in our blog post.

From obstructions to battery problems, discover how a power tailgate lift can provide a hassle-free solution for opening your tailgate. Don’t let auto tailgate troubles ruin your day

When the electric tailgate Lift of your vehicle is not working, you should do this!

Even if manufacturers work very hard to ensure every part of the vehicle works correctly, no one can prepare for issues that appear in the long run. That’s why as time goes by, you can encounter auto tailgate problems, especially in the long run.

And if you have aged care services or any disability, the last thing you want to deal with is any tailgate issue. But whether we like it or not, these things can happen. Thankfully, there are solutions we can use to solve such an issue.

What can lead to any auto tailgate problems?

One of the challenges that many of us encounter when it comes to auto tailgates is that it’s hard to diagnose the situation when they stop working. Sometimes the remote control car door opener doesn’t work, or the tailgate is stuck without any means to open it. 

One of the main reasons is an obstruction within the locking mechanism. That ends up jamming the lock shut and the tailgate won’t open unless you go to have it repaired. And even then, it can be difficult and expensive to do.

Another reason why an issue like this can arise is due to a faulty battery in the remote fob. If you replace the battery, this is easy to solve, but unfortunately, only a few select cases will have this as the right solution. There are also times when you can damage the trunk lid or tailgate due to an accident. Some accidents, even minor ones, can end up damaging the tailgate beyond repair, and stuff like this can be very problematic. 

In some cases, tailgate problems appear because the solenoid is not receiving power due to either a blown a fuse or a faulty relay.

Can a tailgate lift help?

If your tailgate is stuck, you have to find an alternative way to open it, and in many cases, this leads to all kinds of vehicle damage. However, there is an elegant way to do this, and that comes in the form of a tailgate lift. The automatic tailgate lift and Electric car door opener-car conversion from Gilani Engineering is a great tool that you can use to open your car’s tailgate and ensure that it works exactly the way you want.

This product delivers one of the top, most comprehensive technologies on the market right now, and you can easily open the vehicle without the remote. You also get other features like customisable modification and NDIS approval, which is crucial to keep in mind. You have everything you need, from a foot sensor to a better way to lift the tailgate properly. And yes, the best part is that this tool is universal, so it works on many different vehicle types, not just a single one.

Who is the tailgate lift for?

The main reason why you would want a tailgate lift is to open the tailgate hands-free. Automated solutions require you to wave and then the tailgate will open automatically. It’s the ideal option for a variety of different categories. These include people living alone, with limited strength or MS, bursitis, the elderly, and anyone with injuries or who uses a wheelchair. It just makes things easier for a wide range of persons, and at the same time, the tailgate auto lift is not overly expensive. If you need to use something like this often, the investment is well worth it.

How does the tailgate lift work?

The tailgate lift is a remote control car door opener. This helps open and close the tailgate via pressing a single button. On top of that, it helps add more comfort and security to your car. The great thing about such a system is that it’s more reliable than a hydraulic system. The entire family can use it and everyone gets to harness and enjoy all of its benefits, which is what makes such a product a fantastic, reliable and also very dependable investment.

Honda Odyssey auto tailgate lift and car door
Honda Odyssey auto tailgate lift and car door
Automatic Tailgate Lifters
Auto Tailgate Lifters

The tailgate lift is a very reliable, easy-to-use and dependable system that can help you easily open your tailgate. It’s great for people with any disability but also those that use a wheelchair as well. Getting the proper tailgate automatic lift can help save time, and it’s also offering more comfort and convenience than ever before. We recommend getting a sound tailgate system right away, as it can indeed provide some fantastic benefits and results in the long run. Buy the best automatic tailgate auto lift from Gilani Engineering today, and you won’t have problems with these issues anymore!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Can I use my NDIS funding to receive an auto tailgate lift?

Yes! We are Registered NDIS providers and are more than happy to organise the automatic tailgate or any other vehicle modifications through NDIS.

2. What other vehicle modifications do we do? 

We do a wide variety of disability vehicle modifications. These include minor modifications such as hand control installations, over ring accelerators and other driving solutions or medium jobs like a platform lift installation, roof topper, boot hoist installation or complex complete modifications that require dramatic structural changes to the car.

Our production team include highly qualified mechanical engineers, automotive engineers, and mechanics.

3. How long does this kind of modification take? 

This modification is a quick and easy process. It will take roughly a day to complete this job and requires a rewiring of the vehicle’s key fob and electric components. Our team of dedicated engineers and mechanics make sure your job is completed at the utmost highest standard.

4. Why did my liftgate stop working?

Liftgates may stop working due to various reasons such as electrical issues, motor failure, or mechanical obstructions.

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5. Can you open a power tailgate manually?

Yes, most power tailgates have a manual override feature allowing you to open them manually in case of power failure.

6. How much does it cost to fix a power liftgate?

The cost to fix a power liftgate can vary depending on the cause of the issue, ranging from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars.

7. Does manually closing a power liftgate damage it?

Manually closing a power liftgate generally does not damage it, but it’s advisable to follow manufacturer guidelines to avoid potential issues.


When your power tailgate is not working, it can be a frustrating experience. But fear not, with Gilani Engineering’s cutting-edge tailgate lift, the solution is at hand. This hands-free system offers seamless access to your vehicle’s tailgate, providing relief for individuals facing mobility challenges. Invest in this innovative technology to resolve power tailgate issues swiftly and enjoy hassle-free accessibility.