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Best Electric Wheelchair: Which Type is Right for You?

best electric wheelchair

Choosing the best electric wheelchair can be a very important decision that will influence your mobility, independence, and quality of life. Since there are several available on the market, knowing exactly what you need and how some of the most important features can be adapted to you may be key to making a well-informed decision. Here is a comprehensive guide to help sift through those electric wheelchair options.

Comparison Table

Type of WheelchairKey FeaturesNeeds Addressed
Folding Electric WheelchairsEasy to fold, lightweight, compactIdeal for users who travel frequently; Easy to store and transport in cars and planes.
Compact Electric WheelchairsTight turning radius, small size, easy maneuverabilityBest for indoor use, perfect for navigating tight spaces like narrow hallways and doorways.
Lightweight Electric WheelchairsBalance of portability and functionality, moderate weight, versatileSuitable for both indoor and outdoor use, ideal for users who need a wheelchair that is easy to handle.
Heavy Duty Electric WheelchairsHigh weight capacity, durable construction, robust performanceDesigned for users who require a sturdy wheelchair for daily use on rough terrains and need higher weight support.

Understanding Your Needs

You have to assess your needs before getting down to the kind of electric wheelchairs. The following must be taken into account:

1. Lifestyle and Activities

Will you be requiring a wheelchair for indoor, outdoor, or both? The details of your usage of the wheelchair will help you in determining the type best for you.

2. Physical Condition

Check how your arms, shoulders, and upper body are doing in terms of strength, balance, and coordination. Some models are designed, therefore, to provide more or less support and to be easier or harder to use.

3. Transport and Storage

Do you have to travel with your wheelchair fairly often? Then you would definitely want to consider models that can be easily folded or dismantled so that you can store and carry them easily.

4. Comfort and Seating

Since one spends long hours in a wheelchair; it should also be comfortable. Look for adjustable seats, cushions, and backrests for maximum comfort.

5. Budget

Electric wheelchairs come within various price ranges. Set your budget and look for models within your price range currently offering the best value, along with important features you may need.

Types of Electric Wheelchairs

1. Folding Electric Wheelchairs

Foldable electric wheelchair lightweight heavy-duty compact motorise chair - Air Hawk
Best Electric Wheelchair: Which Type is Right for You? 1

The folding electric wheelchairs are ideal for the user on the go, as they are conveniently made for portability and simplicity for storage. Users find them very efficient and convenient without having to compromise on performance, making them the best folding electric wheelchair.


  • Portability: This is easily collapsible and transportable, hence perfect for travel.
  • Space-Saving: It can be placed in the car trunk and easily stored in a very small space.

2. Compact Electric Wheelchairs

Compact electric wheelchairs are designed and built smaller for easy navigation in tight environments. They are highly useful indoors, for instance in homes and buildings, this makes them the best wheelchair for elderly users.


  • Maneuverability: Good for indoors, taking into consideration tight turning space.
  • Compact Size: It is able to pass through small doors and hallways.

3. Lightweight Electric Wheelchairs

Lightweight electric wheelchairs offer a balance in portability and functionality. They are ultralight, thanks to the minimized weight and are manufactured in a way that they are easy to manage during transport. Hence, they are suitable for users who are specifically versatile and can be put to good use both indoors and outdoors. These are often considered the best lightweight electric wheelchairs for travel.


  • Lightweight: It is easy to transport and handle.
  • Versatile: Can be used across various terrains and environmental settings.

4. Heavy Duty Electric Wheelchairs

Heavy-duty electric wheelchairs are designed to bear higher weight capacities and to ensure better longevity for heavy users. Additionally, these are durable, heavy-duty wheelchairs meant for long-term use, and these are the best wheelchair for heavy persons.


  • Durability: Designed for constant use and to withstand all terrains.
  • High Weight Capacity: Guarantees the safety and comfort of the user by supporting a maximal weight.

Essential Features to Consider

Battery Life

6AH Lithium Battery for Foldable Electric Wheelchair-Air Hawk and Falcon

The battery life of an electric wheelchair is important, especially if you want to use the electric wheelchair all day long. Look for long-life batteries in models that can travel the distances you need to without recharging so often. This is very important for the best power wheelchair for outdoor use.

Weight Capacity

Ensure the wheelchair can comfortably bear your weight. Most electric wheelchairs are made to hold a weight of 250 to 400 pounds. Get a model that suits your body type and will allow you to ride safely and comfortably; in doing so, it will be the best portable electric wheelchair for an array of users.


If you are a frequent traveler, you need to look for a portable model that is lightweight and foldable. Electric wheelchairs can be easily transported by car or airplane, so a portable model is suitable for a person always on the move. This makes them the best travel wheelchair for frequent travelers.

Customization Options

This will provide a humane and personal experience for the user. Find a model that has adjustable seating, armrests, footrests, and controls. Customizable features make it possible to meet the individual’s needs and preferences, making it the most comfortable wheelchair.

Safety Features

The modern electric wheelchair comes designed with various safety features like anti-tip wheels, belts, and a reliable braking system. These offer peace of mind and security while riding, thus making them the best wheelchairs for outdoor use.

The Govt of Australia has created a fact sheet on travelling on a wheelchair and the vehicles a wheelchair can be transported in.


The best electric wheelchair is the one that fits your unique needs and the features that will best support your way of life. Whether you are looking for a portable folding electric wheelchair, easy maneuverability in compact designs, the versatility of lightweight options, or one that is heavy-duty with best durability, the best wheelchair to buy is waiting for you out there. 

Take a reasonable amount of time to evaluate your needs, if need be then test drive a couple of models, and have consults from Gilani Engineering on the appropriate choice. Once you get the ideal electric wheelchair for you, you will enjoy not only your independence but also a rewarding lifestyle.


1. How to choose an electric wheelchair?

Assess your lifestyle, physical condition, transport needs, comfort preferences, and budget to find a model that best fits your requirements.

2. What are the three main types of power wheelchairs?

Folding, compact, and heavy-duty electric wheelchairs.

3. What’s the best electric wheelchair?

The best electric wheelchair depends on your individual needs, including where and how you plan to use it.

4. What is the difference between a power wheelchair and an electric wheelchair?

There is no difference; both terms refer to wheelchairs powered by an electric motor.