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45 Degree Angled Grab Rail Stainless Steel Wall Mounted

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  • 135 degree angled grab rail stainless steel
  • Full Australian Warranty
  • NDIS grab rails approved, Aged Care approved, Enable NSW approved
  • High quality rigid anti corrosive stainless steel Hand rails and Bathroom Rails
  • Shower grab rails , Hand rails for disability , Home Modifications

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45 Degree Angled Grab Rail

We supply plumbing and bathroom products and solutions. Our wide range of home modification products including 135 Degree Angled Grab Rail offers confidence in independent living, delivering a new level of safety and freedom in the bathroom, whilst also providing a stylish and modern look.

These 45 Degree Angled Grab Rail have a 30-32mm diameter rail to suit the Australian Standard. These rails help to get on and off the toilet or shower seats with a rating of 110kg and also compliant with AS1428.1 for use as Ambulant rails in public toilets and homes.

Why purchase a 45 Degree Angled Grab Rail from Us?

Well, our Australian designed 45 Degree Angled Grab Rail  (45 degrees bend) are the highest quality product in the Australian Market! We design and create custom made solutions to suit you. No matter what material, dimensions, shapes or any other specifications you need, we can deliver you with the highest quality home modifications and hand rails.

What special features does our 45 Degree Angled Grab Rail package come with:

  • Mounting brackets and screws are included.
  • 135 degrees between the two arms.
  • 30-32mm in diameter and 304 stainless steel, make the rail easy to grab and rust resistant that lasts forever
  • Brush finish, makes the steel slip resistance and gives it an aesthetic appearance
  • These rails help to get on and off with a rating of 110kg and also compliant with AS1428.1
  • For safety, must be installed professionally, withhold the force of the person safely and must be to Australian standard
  • Our professional installers, can install them safely, reduce your stress, and providing you with a warranty
  • Vertical Horizontal Grab rail custom made available
  • Full Australian Warranty

We create custom made home modifications and specialises in bathroom modification including:

  • NDIS Grab Rails
  • Shower Grab Rails
  • Bathroom rails
  • Walk in Shower
  • Hand rails for disability
  • Aged Care Grab Rail
  • Stair Rails
  • Toilet Safety Grab Rail
  • Satin Finish


135 Degree Garb Rail bathroom stair safety fitting
45 Degree Garb Rail bathroom stair safety fitting
Please note that the length is calculated from outermost edge to the other outermost edge of the Grab Rail

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Do hand rails need to be installed in studs?

Yes, most of the time, hand rails should be installed in studs as there should be an anchoring point that fixates the hand rail to the wall. If a stud is not available an alternate anchoring method must be used to ensure safety especially hand rails for disability , as these minor home modifications need to be safe to use and provide stability.

Stair rails on the other hand, do not need to be installed in studs rather they must be reinforced into the floor. Aged care grab rails consists of many different rails so they all have differing anchoring systems. Bathroom rails always require studs in order to secure them to the wall, as the bathroom is a slippery area.

2- Does Medicare pay for grab bars?

No, unfortunately medicare does not pay for any disability home modifications including grab rails or hand rails. However other organisations like:

All can fund home modifications including the supply and installation of grab bars.

3- How much do grab bars cost?

Grab bars range in price depending on the dimensions, how long they are, what material they are made of and what finishes they have.

Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 10 cm

350MMX350MM, 770MMX770MM, 600mmX600MM, 900MMX900MM, 800MMX800MM


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