3-Way Flush "T" Joint for 50.8mm Round Stainless Steel for Home Modification


✅  Rust resistance

✅  Heavy duty

✅  Mirror Finish

✅  NDIS approved

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Our Home Modification Products

We provide all of our high quality building modification products online and can ship these products all over Australia.

This "T" joint is a three-way stainless steel bracket allowing you to connect pipes to create a 180 degree straight line between 2 pipes and a 90 degree vertical pipe.

What are the features of our products?

  • Rust resistance
  • Heavy duty
  • Mirror finish
  • Creates flawless look
  • Easy to use
3 Way Flush T joint

Stainless steel parts for home renovations

3 Way Flush T joint

3 Way "T" shaped stainless steel pipe joiner for home mod

Top View Stainless Steel Fittings for Home Modifications

Top View Stainless Steel Fittings for Home Mod

Dimensions for Stainless Steel Fittings for Home Modifications Australia

Dimensions for Stainless Steel Fittings for Home Modifications Australia

Stainless Steel Fittings for Home Modifications Australia

Stainless Steel Fittings for Home Modifications Australia

What are Home Modifications?

Home modifications are changes to the structure, layout or fittings of a participant’s home so they safely access it and move around comfortably in areas they frequently use.

Why would you need a modification done to your home?

  • you or your carers are unable to access and use frequently used rooms and spaces in your primary residence due to your mobility limitations.
  • your primary residence, in its current condition, has significant and adverse impacts on the sustainability of current living and care arrangements; and
  • a suitably qualified Occupational Therapist has performed an assessment and recommended modifications done to the home, considering all possible alternatives, including the use of equipment.

Complex home modifications

Complex home modifications are large scale modifications that may alter the structure of your home. Gilani Engineering are qualified to perform Complex Home Modifications and can organise all required documents, plans and specifications along with your occupational therapist and our builders.

Depending on the scope and complexity of the proposed modifications, you may follow different processes. For more information refer to the NDIS Assistive Technology Complexity Level table.

Complex Home Modifications are generally Level 4 under the NDIA, and the NDIA may also fund oversight by a project manager or independent building certifier.

Complex modifications are usually agent managed which means a representative from the NDIA will have oversight on the project.

suitably qualified Occupational Therapist will generally be required to certify the effectiveness of the modification to meet your goals and likely future needs (during design and on completion of the works).

The NDIA has published a Complex Modification Guide for builders and assessors (PDF 690KB) to explain what information the NDIA needs to approve assessments and quotes for complex modification works.

Additional information

Weight 0.342 kg
Dimensions 11.1 × 4.6 × 8.1 cm


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