Side Wheelchair Cassette Drop Down Wheelchair Access Car Conversion

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  • Full Automatic Drop Down Ramp
  • No manual handling needed!
  • Side entrance perfect for footpaths and driveways
  • Flexible seating arrangments available
  • Customisation
  • Compliant with the Australian NSW State Law.



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The Side Wheelchair Cassette for cars allows people with disabilities to enter the car from the sliding door side of the vehicle. The side entry is ideal for individuals who use the footpath or from the side of the driveway.

Introduction to Mobility conversions:

  • Flexible seating and customisation

Gilani Engineering is a professional engineer qualified to make all kinds of vehicle modifications which is why we are able to provide you with options of where you want the wheelchair to sit.

  • Updated and informed

We are always communicating with our clients to provide the best option and design when it comes to vehicle modifications. We understand that each person has their own individual needs that must be responded to.


The Side Wheelchair Cassette Access ramp can seat up to 6 people in the vehicle and one wheelchair which enables a whole family to travel together.

Advantage and uses:

  • Easy access automatic ramp – this allows for convenience as you are able to automatically operate the ramp and there is no need for any manual handling. A very convenient ad easy wheelchair access option when it comes to vehicle modifications
  • Folding 2-person seat in row3 – the row provides a comfortable position for all passengers as it sits 2 adults and allows for the wheelchair to be conveniently situated in the sliding door entrance.
  • Self-drive and front row passenger options – enable individuals who are confident in self-transfers to access the driver or front passenger side of the vehicles
  • Side steps – provides assistance in and out of wheelchair access vehicles with the side steps including reducing the step height
  • Boarding and departure winch – this is ideal for vehicles that have a lowered floor, the adapt solutions power pull winch.

The only disadvantage to the side wheelchair cassette access entry is that parking can be an issue if you are parked somewhere where there are two cars beside you making it hard for the wheelchair user to access the vehicle.

How long does it installation take?

The installation will depend on each individual’s requirements on what exactly they want. It can take a few days or even weeks. Please contact us with your specifications and we can let you know the exact time frame and the pricing involved.

Please enquire about pricing.

All vehicle modifications completed by our trusted team of engineers are all in compliance with the Australian NSW State Law.


Side Wheelchair access Disability Car Conversion 6
Side Wheelchair cassette access Disability Car Conversion
Side Wheelchair Cassette Drop Down Access Car Conversion
The Side Wheelchair Cassette for cars allows people with disabilities to enter the sliding door entrance


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